Monday, November 28, 2011

Nevada Smith's is closed, and here's what's next

Here's what we know.

Nevada Smith's closed up last night at its current location at 74 Third Avenue.

The soccer/football bar will eventually reopen at 100 Third Ave.

• Nevada Smith's goes before the CB3/SLA committee next month for a license at 100 Third Ave.

• The buildings at 74-76 Third Ave. will be demolished. The city has OK'd the permit for 76, the former home of Yummy House.

• The Manhattan Parking Group shut down its lot at 78-84 Third Ave. at 12th Street at the end of August ... a temporary lot is in its place.

• A mystery apartment building will take over this space. Per the announcement at Nevada Smith's website: "Our old home's almost done now with developers poised to demolish most of the block and replace our place, and yours, with a new luxury apartment block."

• NYU has NOTHING to do with the new development. James Devitt, deputy director for media relations at NYU, said the rumors of the school buying the space were "completely false" back in August.


Anonymous said...

Not many showed up for going away party last night. Very disappointing. Smithfield here we come.

Stedman said...

Here comes something else to make the East Village not look like the East Village anymore. Ho-hum...

esquared™ said...

Nevada Smith's wasn't the same as it was before -- it is now patronized and overrun by football hooligans and frats -- and it'll probably continue to be like that in the new building and showing other sports. It'll be like an ESPN Zone sans the interactive and arcade games. Nonetheless, it's a lose-lose situation for the EV -- another luxury condo and frat joint in the neighborhood.

As for football, Smithfield here we come indeed. It'll be somewhere on 28th street -- Kieron will be tending bar there, and same folks who now runs Lunasa.