Wednesday, November 23, 2011

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning Edition

[Men's room at 7B. Not new, but ...]

Check out Jen Doll's cover story at the Voice — How to be a New Yorker (The Village Voice) ... which includes commentary by Jeremiah Moss.

Five East Village delis busted for selling booze to minors (The Lo-Down)

Progress at the subway super-station project on East Houston (BoweryBoogie)

Marty visits Sardi's (Marty After Dark)

Check out the latest from the EV Grieve animated GIF tribute site (EVGIF)

And if you're in town tonight, then consider seeing "Transatlantic Coffee" at 8:15 at the Anthology Film Archives ... A reader notes that the film stars longtime Lower East Side resident Kevin Pinassi, who recently received Best Actor for the movie at the inaugural Hell's Kitchen Film Festival.

[Kevin Pinassi photo by Thomas Ward]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for supporting the Anthology. There's actually a whole program tonight that involves more than just the film you mentioned:


Clea Stone GRANDMA’S GIBLETS (2009, 5 minutes, video)
Cora Berchem BLACK FRIDAY DOCUMENTARY (2010, 37 minutes, video)

Stephen S. Scarpulla REACTION (2010, 6 minutes, video)
Jenny Hatchadorian SOMETHING I DID (2010, 8 minutes, video)
Alexander Moir THE LAST MAN (2010, 10 minutes, video)
Matt Jay ANY DAY NOW (2011, 35 minutes, video)

Erik Peter Carlson
2011, 104 minutes, video.
A classic tale of boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl…only the boy is a 41-year-old clown and the girl is a teenage stripper from London.

Documentaries at 6:00, Short Film Program at 7:00, Feature at 8:15.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes those crews are just evening pace holders for the vehicles and are not union at all. So sorry they were nasty to your loved one. NOT NICE!

Anonymous said...

did you remember guys sure has nice handwriting for a graffitist