Monday, November 28, 2011

Demolition work continues at 9-17 Second Avenue; is BFC Partners still involved?

Work continues to creep along at 9-17 Second Avenue... On Friday, workers started erecting the scaffolding for the construction netting needed for the continued demolition... we stopped by for updates ...




Meanwhile, Bobby Williams passed along this "Corrected Public Notice" from the Daily News Saturday...

We have no idea what all this legalese is (we welcome your interpretation of this). It looks as if the new development here will include 13 affordable "cooperative dwelling units" and 51 "market rate rental dwelling units" and 6,350-feet of commercial space ... plus 1,677 square feet of open space.

Back during a CB3 Zoning Committee Meeting last December via BoweryBoogie, officials said that nine of the affordable units would be for returning families with the rest would be for new families via a lottery. At the time, officials were unsure if the market-rate units would be rentals or sales.

One noticeable absence in this "Corrected Public Notice" — Any mention of BFC Partners, builders of luxury properties such as 48 Bond on Bond Street and Toren in Brooklyn, who first introduced this idea in December. Something called Jupiter 21 LLC is listed here as the "sponsor." A New York State records search listed Jupiter 21 LLC (formed on Aug. 15) as having the same Myrtle Avenue address in Brooklyn as a high-end custom cabinetry company called Wells Woodwork. We're not sure about any connections between BFC Partners and Wells Woodwork.

Anyone know anything about this?

There's a public meeting on the development set for Dec. 6 at 10 a.m. at 22 Reade St.


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oh come on already with the teasing, let's bomb those buildings into rubble!!!!