Friday, November 25, 2011

On the December CB3/SLA docket: Beer and wine for Curly's; something called Je'bon Public House; more!

Community Board 3 released its roster of December meetings on Wednesday afternoon, including the SLA docket. The usual time and place. SLA & DCA Licensing Committee, Monday, December 12 at 6:30 pm — JASA/Green Residence - 200 East 5th Street at Bowery

And now, here's a look at some of the agenda items ...

Renewal with Complaint History

• Klimat (7th Street Sushi Park Inc), 77 E 7th St (wb)

• Blue Owl (Global Cocktail Rooms LLC), 301 E 12th St (op)

Never been here. Plenty of positive Yelp reviews of this cocktail lounge... but the 1-star reviews are more entertaining: "I think the Blue Owl is a better fit for frat-tastic Murray Hill than it's current location in the East Village. Maybe this bar isn't the worst of the worst. Maybe this bar isn't terrible beyond terrible. Maybe this bar doesn't smell like shit, piss, and vomit. But it is overcrowded. There are drunk girls attempting to grind of drunk guys who are fortunate enough to use the wall to keep their balance as their groins are gyrated in drunken swirls."

Applications within Resolution Areas

• Japadog Inc, 30 St Marks Pl (wb)

A scratch from last month's agenda. As we first reported last month, Japadog, the crazy popular Vancouver-based artisanal hot dog stands, is opening its first NYC outpost here.

• Keybar (GHD Inc), 14 Ave B (op/removal)

Hmm. There's a Keybar on 13th Street. The aspiring East Village Brewery & Beer Shop wanted this space ... (Remember that they posted the menu from Brooklyn's Prime Meats?) Anyone know anything about this?

• NY Tofu House (6 St Mars Restaurant Inc), 6 St Marks Pl (wb)

Beer to pair with your tofu.

• Yuca Bar and Restaurant Inc, 111 Ave A (alt/op)


• Nublu, 151 Ave C (op)

A scratch from last month's agenda. Nublu temporarily moved to under Lucky Cheng's back in August ... as the Nublu blog said during the summer, "last week we got our liquor license taken away due to an anonymous complaint that we are too close to a House of Worship." You can read about it all here.

• To be Determined, 116 Ave C (op)

A scratch from last month's agenda. The former Lava Gina space.


• Death & Co (Little Hands Playcafe Inc), 433 E 6th St (alt/op)


New Liquor License Applications

• Ugly Kitchen, 103 1st Ave (op)

One of the new entries on Restaurant (turnover) Row ... formerly the space of Veloce Pizzeria. Anyone been here?

• Honey Rider LLC, 147 2nd Ave 2nd Fl (op)

[Image via]

This is the former home of Holy Basil, which closed in October after "technical difficulties." Dunno much about this applicant just yet. Well, Ursula Andress played Honey Rider in "Dr. No." Perhaps a James Bond theme then?

• Je'bon Public House (903 Jaw Inc), 90 3rd Ave (op)

This was last Montein Thai Cuisine near 12th Street... the DOH closed them in January, and they never reopened. Maybe this is a bar companion to Je'Bon Noodle House on St. Mark's Place?

• Curly's Vegetarian Lunch (Garbas Restaurants Inc), 328 E 14th St (wb)

• Nevada Smiths (92 Nunz Walk Inc), 100 3rd Avenue (op)

Back on the docket at their new home up the block.


East Village Eats said...

Je'bon must be expanding, they have a sushi spot on St Marks.

Anonymous said...

Major camel toe!