Monday, November 28, 2011

M&M Variety Hardware space for rent on Avenue B

We don't know for sure when the M&M Variety Hardware closed on Avenue B near Houston... but we can't recall seeing it open anytime recently.

The space is now for rent — $9,000 per month. One reader who shopped here thought that a hardware store had been at this location since 1950.

...and this is the work of Goggla from last fall ... during happier times for the store...


billy said...

Been closed for awhile, wasn't sure what was going on here. Sad to see them go. This is where I bought wood to build my bed when I first moved in to my place all those years ago, and where I bought all my roach and mice extermination supplies (thankfully not needed anymore). Good store, sad to see them closed for good.

d g said...

M&M used to be at 21 Ave. B, run by two Jewish brothers, both long tome residents of the neighborhood. I became their upstairs neighbor in 1981. I'm not sure when they opened originally. Somewhere around the mid 80's 21 Ave. B got condemned and they moved to the space that just closed. They sold it to the new owners sometime around 1990. Sorry to see it go.