Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On second thought: Acme will just be closed for a few months of renovations now

This is all rather strange.

Earlier today, when a reader called the Acme Bar & Grill to ask about lunch hours, he or she was told that the restaurant had closed.

Fork in the Road confirmed this in a follow-up item:

So we called the restaurant and confirmed that unfortunately, it has indeed closed.
"We were here too long and there just wasn't enough business," Tony, the general manager, told us. "It's sad but true."

Patrick Hedlund at DNAinfo also got the confirmation. "The restaurant's manager Tony, who declined to provide his last name, confirmed the closure by phone but refused to elaborate on the situation."

However! Apparently not all Acme employees were made aware of the owner's plans. In a post from 6:30 tonight, Grub Street reports that Acme owner Bob Pollock commented, "[W]e are not closing for good. We need to renovate this place after 25 years, the place was built on a shoestring 25 years ago and needs a major over hall as the Board of Health would want me to do and the fans of Acme please be patient we'll be back after a few months."

There is a permit pending with the DOB for "RENOVATION OF EXISTING RESTAURANT."


C Merry said...

Rockn'Roll! Hey I left some black feathered earrings there once can they look 4 those when they tear the place up? WHAT EV the story is, glad they aren't closing, it seems..

Anonymous said...

renovating 25 years of wear and tear will re open happy jazz fest ps f mike herman

Goggla said...

Hmm, I really want to believe this, but something smells fishy. Considering all the dramatic reaction to the news of their closing, you'd think they'd put a sign on the door or something explaining they'll be closed for renovations. As of this morning, there is nothing posted on the storefront. Also, why be so oddly sudden with the closure? The upstairs was filled with kegs this morning and I wonder why they wouldn't want to use up the food/drink before closing for a long period.

I really do hope Acme returns, but I suspect it will be something completely different.

Goggla said...

Ok, I see over on Gothamist, someone has sent in a photo of a sign that says they're closed for renovations. I didn't see one this morning.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks, Goggla. I went by last night around 6:30. No sign then.

Marty Wombacher said...

Glad they're not going anywhere. I'll stop by when they re-open.

Anonymous said...

Acme is the only restaurant where I have seen a C for cleanliness posted on the window. Seen a few Bs, but never a C before (and after) Acme.

Matthew Moore and Zully Gieseken said...
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