Monday, September 8, 2008

"You don't have to spend a million to look like a million!"

Gawker had a good thread Saturday night in which weekend editor Ian Spiegelman asked, "What's your favorite movie or TV show where the Big Apple and its culture, sensibility, and aesthetic is intrinsic to the narrative?" (There were nearly 400 responses...) Here's a clip provided by commenter Dickdogfood. It's a series of commercials from WNEW-TV from 1985. The first ad, for the Ritz Thrift Shop, is a classic:

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Anonymous said...

Hey. I posted a commercial for the Milford Plaza Hotel and the Crazy Eddie commercials. The topic was NYC in movies and TV. Most of the commercials, except the one by the Ritz Thrift Shop, are generic commercials that could have been seen anywhere. Sorry, just jealous that I didn't get the kudos. Anyway, most of the ones that I posted were re-posted again toward the later comments. I'd like to remain anonymous for this comment, since it's a bitter comment.