Wednesday, June 16, 2010

$85 the easy way: Looking for a speed-dating spy

An ad appeared on Craigslist that captured my attention... However, the author quickly removed the ad... luckily I found it elsewhere...

Spy Needed. Females only please. (Lower East Side)

There will be a speed dating event, and I am worried my soon to be fiance will be attending. I'm not the jealous type that normally does this, but since I'm about to take a big step of giving her a ring, I need to make sure. Your job will simply be to stand in front of this restaurant and look for her arrival. That's it. IF you can get inside and get a snapshot of her in the act of "speed dating" I would pay an extra $50. Offering $85 for this because it should not take you more than 1 hour. The location and time will be disclosed to you.

Always wonder if these are real... are someone's testing the plot to a made-for-Lifetime movie...

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