Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hoping for more Neither More Nor Less

I really like the photo in the post above this one... and it prompts me to say...
I miss Bob Arihood's latest photos and dispatches at Neither More Nor Less, particularly his shots outside Ray's and in Tompkins Square Park. As you know, he decided to move on from NMNL. Given the time and devotion that goes into a site, I certainly understand that decision.

In any event, every so often, I take a quick peek at NMNL .... to see if he might have quietly resumed posting new photos... Regardless, it's well worth your time to look through his vast archives.


East Village Feed said...

I know exactly how you feel :-(

Bob Arihood said...

Hi Grieve , its still happening at Ray's , thats for sure . A week or so ago I passed by
Ray's ,stopped out front and talked to some folks that I've known for several years and while talking a pit bull had puppies right there on the sidewalk under the sidewalk shed at Ray's .

the dogs owner put the puppies in a bloody and rather gory box and then took them inside Ray's placing them on the counter .Some at the counter groaned and moaned in disgust and disbelief while others swooned overcome by all the cuteness . Ray reached in and handled a puppy or two then went back to handling the food products that he was serving to his public .

thanx for remembering Grieve . Its much appreciated .

Bob Arihood

Anonymous said...

Uh, so did Ray wash his hands after handling the newly-born puppies? It doesn't sound like it from what Bob just wrote!