Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Waiting for the 7-Eleven to open (in Greenpoint)

So I have no idea what's next for the Graceland space now that Raguboy has been denied... As you know, EV Italian eatery guru Frank Prisinzano said last week that the landlord of the former Graceland space on Avenue A and Second Street had four prospective tenants: Frank's fast-food Italian joint, a bank, a 7-Eleven and a bank. Perhaps Frank will make some amendments to his proposal and try again some day.... or...

Perhaps we'll learn from Greenpoint ... As Brownstoner reported yesterday (via Racked), the 7-Eleven is opening very soon on Manhattan Avenue.

[Update: The CB3 can't stop him from opening a restaurant.... they voted to deny his request for a liquor license.... and will pass that recommendation on to the SLA....]

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Anonymous said...

It is high time for Susan Stetzer to step aside. Her geriatric notions lo longer work for this changing neighborhood. Running from meeting to meeting and having a say in EVERYTHING, even when inappropriate, has long worn out the community.
Fax and Email Scott Stringer to make some changes. The board should have new blood that really reflects to neighborhood.

Also include Militano. She is just a heavy handed bully. Time for change!!

Anonymous said...

McWater is a joke and a bully. 'Find a way to be consistent' ? That's what CB3 is trying to do - deny any license in the resolution area. NOT - deny anyone in the resolition area except if they happen to be a friend of mine.

Chris said...

Institute term limits on community boards and make them democratically-elected. Otherwise, the neighborhood will never be represented by the people's voice, but rather by the voice of a few power-hungry bozos. Political appointees should not have the final say on what gets placed on my block.

glamma said...

i think anonymous is frank prisinzano.