Friday, June 4, 2010

Truthful liar

Playing at CBGB From Ulli Lommel's 1980 movie "Blank Generation." For the Vans advertising team.


Anonymous said...

EVG, as I said over at BB's place, Richard Hell is obviously amazeballs and NYC is the homeland of punk, but I can't believe Vans -- VANS! -- used the Sex Pistols over one of their own CA punk legends/icons who were around just as early as the Pistols.

Just more advertising shorthand/laziness I suppose.

Karate Boogaloo said...

I love the way this was looks so good on a big screen plus its in color.

Jill said...

They look so fresh faced but at the time the image felt distinctly not so and does not match my memory. They were the first or second band I ever saw at the Palladium circa 1979(?) And then, not understanding the L train, or being too wasted to actually notice, we accidentally wound up in Bed Stuy at 2am, which meant something then, but not so much now. Good times.