Tuesday, January 4, 2011

At the scene of the fires tonight

Workers and a few police officers were on the scene this evening on the northwest corner of Second Avenue and East Fourth Street... read more about the fire here ... The Daily News also reports that firefighters here rescued a 10-year-old tabby named Charlotte, who was reunited with her grateful owner.

It was quiet at 507 E. Sixth St., where the morning fire wiped out the 6th Street Kitchen and, from what it looks like, the apartments directly above the restaurant.... read more here.

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Anonymous said...

Thank god people and animals were safe. I'm scared to death of fire and having my place go up in flames is a real fear of mine. I don't know if there's been more fires or more reporting of fires in the EV. In either case, I don't like it! Thank goodness for homeowner's insurance.