Monday, January 24, 2011

Why the East Village will be remembered for the Great Winter of 2010-2011

Yesterday, courtesy of RyanAvenueA, we learned about a sinkhole and an Icicle Audi on Second Street...

Gothamist has more on the story ... As they note, the car has come to symbolize the Great Arctic Blast of Jan. 24, 2011©. Gothamist spotted three news vans parked on that block this morning.

Meanwhile, CBS 2 tracks down the car's owner, who has the right attitude about material possessions: “It could be worse like if that was me or a family member covered in ice that wouldn’t be good; so it’s all relative.” (A leaky pipe under the street caused this, per CBS 2.)

(Photo/Steve Sandberg)

The Icicle Audi is the latest East Village ride to become an Icon for the Great Winter of 2010-2011©. Our bike, which we never really named.


cheese said...

I saw this on the news, but OF COURSE saw it here first. Go, Grieve!

Anonymous said...

saw it here first actually,