Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Great Thunder Blizzard of 2011

As you may have noticed last night, it snowed. Again. A lot. It's actually nice where I am in Bermuda, so... (That joke never gets old!)

Team coverage starts now! (And more photos to come...)

From James Maher... (More here at James Maher Photography)

10th Street near Second Avenue from Laura F.

A few minutes later, a tree falls (no one was injured)

Some more shots of the downed tree via SoulSeller:

East Fifth street via Alex...

From EV Grieve contributor Shawn Chittle.... Notice three things from these late-night shots: You can't see the Williamsburg Bridge per usual; the streets haven't been plowed yet; the delivery guy comes through!


Melanie said...

The last shot of the deliveryman brings a soulfulness to the City. Beautiful. No matter what odds--we New Yorkers prevail. That is what New York has always been about.

Anonymous said...

Melanie, I hope that delivery man was tipped BIG.....that would be the happy ending.

Marty Wombacher said...

That last shot is a classic! I wish someone could find that delivery person and give him or her a medal and a very big tip.

Anonymous said...

Simply fantastic/wonderful images.