Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On the CB3-SLA agenda: New eatery for the Permanent Brunch space; more tacos; and something called the Beagle

Well, here's a romantic way to spend Valentine's eve — at the February CB3-SLA meeting! Woo!

SLA & DCA Licensing Committee
Monday, February 14 at 6:30pm — JASA/Green Residence, 200 East 5th Street at the Bowery

Let's take a look at a few of the contenders! (Find the whole agenda here.)

Renewal with Complaint History

• Superdive (Rapture Café & Books LLC), 200 Ave A (op)

Heh ... Doubtful that they'll show up, based on previous comments from Team Dive ... I think this is their seventh or eighth or ninth time on the agenda...

Applications within Resolution Areas

• Taco Joint Inc, 119 St Marks Pl (wb)

Hey, another taco place. Just what we need here! This is at the location of Roni, the women's designer clothing boutique that closed in November.

• Pastabar Café Corp, 127 Ave C (up/op) (aka 343 E 8th St)

This is the Caffe Pepe Rosso/Cotto Caffe on Avenue C at Eighth Street...

Sidewalk Café Applications

• Ninth Ward (Church and Louis Inc), 180 2nd Ave


• Heartbreak Café (Christos Restaurant LLC), 29 E 2nd St (alt/wb/extend to proposed sidewalk café)

The new eatery on Second Avenue and Second Street hoping for a sidewalk cafe.

• Kuidouraku (141 Ebenezer & Song Inc), 141 1st Ave (trans/wb)

Home of Ramen Setagaya.

• The Beagle, 162 Ave A (trans/op) (Orologio)

Home of Orologio for now. The Beagle? Sounds really plaid to me. Or maybe retro...

New Liquor License Applications

• Momofuku Milk Bar (EV Milk LLC), 251 E 13th St (op)

The Momo clan is looking to annex the old salon across the street. Per Eater: "The folks at Momo Milk are considering taking up the space, for an expansion or to move the operation, but have yet to sign a lease or nail anything down."

• Marry The Ketchup Inc, 95 1st Ave (wb)

That's quite a name... this is space that counted Permanent Brunch as a tenant.

• 228 Rest Corp, 232 1st Ave (op)

This is the former David's Bagel's space near 14th Street. Word is a Mexican eatery is taking over.

• 56 Burger Fondue LLC, 56 3rd Ave (op)

Burger fondue? Hmm.. this is the former site of Lan, the Japanese restaurant between 10th Street and 11th Street.


Anonymous said...

The people on and around Avenue C need to come out and oppose this upgrade to a full liquor license at 127 Avenue C.
As you can see it is in a resolution area and the number of full liquor licenses on Avenue C has made Avenue C one of the biggest shit-shows in the East Village.
Everyone come together and oppose this. The people from the 9th street block association as well as the other block associations should come out in full force.

Come together now!

Lindsay said...

Man, people are horribly uncreative when it comes to naming their restaurants..

Anonymous said...

The idea of Orologio not being around anymore makes me sad, but if I am being real, the place isn't what it was back in the way. The latest owners seem to have given up on preparing good food, and the wait staff is full of nice kids who clearly aren't being taught or supervised. It's like when Old Devil Moon was shutting down. I had great memories of the places from the early years, but it went downhill the last few years. It was like the owners just gave up.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

The Permanent Brunch space has been a failure for every eatery that's been in there. The space would actually do better as a small grocery to supplement the spice shop two doors down.

Bowery Boy said...

Maybe Super Dive thinks we wont show up on V-day, cuz everyone knows that we're lovers not fighters.

RyanAvenueA said...

No one took the cheap shot about the board not having a heart?