Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How you can help save 35 Cooper Square

Over the weekend, we posted the information on Friday's rally to help save 35 Cooper Square. (Find that info here.)

There's also an online petition you can sign. You can find that here.

The rally, which starts at 4:30, is sponsored by Bowery Alliance of Neighbors (BAN) — with participating organizations Historic Districts Council (HDC); Lower East Side Preservation Initiative (LESPI); and Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation (GVSHP).

Read more about the history of 35 Cooper Square here at Jeremiah's Vanishing NY.

[Images via Bowery Alliance of Neighbors]


-------m said...


Lisa said...

Thanks, Grieve. Signed the petition and will be at the rally. This continued assault on our poor neighborhood has to stop.

Anonymous said...

What is the obsession with saving this place? When you sell out the neighborhood for underage NYU kids and associated people who have no real connection to this neighborhood, you're just as easily sold out.

The neighborhood is already lost.

blue glass said...

what are you talking about?
we didn't sell out the neighborhood to nyu or anybody else.
we are living here and care about where we live and the quality of life here. and we are watching what made this neighborhood special being destroyed by trendy (read ugly) hotels that we don't need in the contest for who can take down a block first. unfortunately it looks like the bowery wins this one.
in the late 1960's/early 70's landlords were abandoning their buildings or setting them on fire. not they can't accumulate enough real estate fast enough. let's get rid of the old time tenants that moved here when the neighborhood was considered unsafe, saved many of these buildings for landlords and created a real community.
greed has taken over.

kurtsy said...

If there is anything NYU kids can do, it's to swarm. Expect my peers and I to be there fighting with you, East Village.

Anonymous said...

Last night in what can only be called a travesty of justice the CB 3 Spura Task Force approved the development of 50% market rate housing on land that belongs to the public. 44 years ago the homes of over 1,800 low income LES residents were stolen from them by elected officials. Last night this land could have been restored to the people, but instead LES residents were denied justice.
City-owned land will now be used to build 500 units of luxury housing. How can this happen? Haven't the developers taken enough - why do they need City-owned land. Tonight CB 3 will vote on this proposal - let's hope they can find it in their hearts and minds to deny this proposal and support the people who spoke at last night's meeting about being displaced from the neighborhood where they were born and raised!! This land belongs to the people, the taxpayers, not developers - return the land to the people!

Anonymous said...

The "Trendy" people who don't live in the neighborhood (or care about it if they do) are the primary clientele of Asian Pub and the surrounding area and what makes it desirable to developers. These are the same people who I am sure will be excited for a new hotel bar in the same spot. The place pandered to them and reaps what it sows.

Anonymous said...

Under the leadership of Dominic Pisciotta (Board Chair) and Seward Park co-op owner, and David McWater (former Chair), and the SPURRA task force, after 44 years of not being able to get anything done to move forward with Seward Park have compromised at the expense of the people.

What they have done is fundamentally wrong. This public piece of land was originally for the people and should be returned to the people as 100% affordable housing. GOALS has a plan to make this happen and the Community Board should stand by their plan. The people want, need and are owed 100% affordable housing. Developers, landlords, the Bloomberg Administration, etc. have already ravished the L.E.S.. Schools have been turned into condos, buildings have been demolished, people have been violently forced out of their homes, the unnecessary and greedy proliferation of liquor liquor licenses, hotels, illegal construction, and much much more.

The SPURRA Task force should be should be ashamed of themselves when a legitimate plan by goals was on the table!

Compromise is not the way to go.
The time is now for radical action!

To the full Community Board as well as to the people of the L.E.S., I urge you to come out tonight and support GOALS at the full Community Board meeting.

With a history of radicalism on the L.E.S.,
GOALS is one of the only organizations that is truly radical and I am truly moved!



glamma said...

very encouraging from ky. i like that. a good step.

Anonymous said...

Dominic Pisciotta is the biggest Yuppie in the world, he wants to gentrify, he wants his property value to go up, and FYI most of the people at GOALS can't afford to live on the L.E.S. anymore and still they fight. As for McWater he's got a lot of nerve proliferating dive bars that serve the common man. Deep inside he knows he is wrong.

Under the leadership of Dominic Pisciotta and David McWater after 44 years of not being able to move forward with Seward Park they are the real heroes.

Bowery Boy said...

It's not about saving the restaurant; it's about saving the building. Those inside will come and go, but if the building is allowed to be destroyed, you can't ever get that kind of history back. It's the oldest building on Cooper Square, and future generations should be able to see how we once lived and worked. These intimate houses along the Bowery, 6 of them left, connect the larger historic district of the legendary and irreplacable Bowery.

Padraig said...

I only moved into the EV two years ago, and I'll be here for at least another two. I may not remember the old neighborhood, and you can debate whether I have a "real connection" to the place. I won't be here forever, but I love this neighborhood and I'll be there at the rally today.