Friday, January 21, 2011

Hotel architect says the Bowery 'is already the epicenter of cool'

[Deer photo by AWKWORD]

Speaking on the new hotel coming to 347 Bowery... I finally got my hands on the official news release. It doesn't disappoint.

New York, NY – January 18, 2011 – Eastern Consolidated announced today that Paris, France-based Louzon Group has acquired 347-349 Bowery, a development site now occupied by a three-story commercial building formerly used as an SRO by the Salvation Army.

The property is the first U.S. acquisition for the Louzon, an investment group which owns and operates several restaurants in Paris as well as one location hotel. The group has plans to construct a 72--room boutique hotel at the site with a restaurant operated by one of the most famous Parisian brands.

Eastern Consolidated’s Senior Directors and Principals Alan P. Miller and Robert Ortiz procured the Louzon Group, while Jonathan S. Plotkin of Colliers International acted on behalf of The Salvation Army, the seller.

According to Mr. Miller, the site perfectly suited Louzon’s criteria — an East Village location, the appropriate size, and vacant. Mr. Plotkin marketed the site through his firm Colliers requesting proposals from previous interested parties. Ultimately, Louzon prevailed in the bidding, closing the transaction for all cash.

Until recently, the Bowery was one of the last places one would go to find great design, or great food, but now that it is already the epicenter of cool, this project will advance the qualitative side, bringing established, internationally renowned hoteliers and restaurateurs and a new signature building that speaks about seriousness as much as -- or even more than -- style,” said [Alan] Kaufman who is the design architect for the project.

I guess they don't know that the Post said the Bowery is "out" for 2011.

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glamma said...

oh. my. god.
this is like, the least serious, least stylish ATROCITY ever to come to the EV/LES. seriously is there any building worse than this?

how about suggestions as to what to put on their CLASSY jumbotron. such as


Lisa said...

The only thing "serious" about this eyesore is the serious case of carbuncles it seems to be sprouting. And as to a signature, I'm thinking "Elephant Man".

Marty Wombacher said...

I wonder if the hotel staff will be wearing Jeggings?