Friday, January 14, 2011

Today in law enforcement notices

From Scoopy's Notebook in the week's issue of The Villager:

Bikers pedaling in the Sixth Precinct — between 14th and Houston Sts., west of Broadway — better keep on their toes. Sixth Precinct police are issuing warnings to bicycle riders to obey the rules, such as the ones that say, except for riders under the age of 12 on bikes with wheels less than 26 inches in diameter, cyclists must ride on the street, in the direction of vehicular traffic, and not on sidewalks.


Crazy Eddie said...

Also, as per my friend, a true roadie, in the Central Park carriage loop, they are enforcing the traffic lights there as well for bikes, even when the loop is closed to cars. I bet the East River promenade south of the 14th Con Ed plant will be next.

Anonymous said...

As a mostly law abiding biker I have no problem with this. Another good idea would be to ticket pedestrian scofflaws. The benefit would be better flowing car traffic, plus the city could be rolling in revenue. It's a win-win situation. The jaywalking in the city is out of hand. In the absence of rules people tend toward the dumb and need to be wrangled periodically. They come to the city, see that jaywalking is tolerated, and then in typical fashion take it way too far and act like they have total freedom and privilege to cross streets anywhere they feel like and that vehicles ought to watch out for them. But I feel that if you as a pedestrian find yourself caught in the middle of a two way traffic stream like at oh say 3rd ave & st. marks, (oblivious and talking on your cell phone for good measure of course), just for the sake of saving five whole seconds... you are creating a dangerous situation and deserve a citation.

Anonymous said...

i would agree that pedestrians are pretty stupid! But I love honking at them while riding on our scooter and scaring the living shit out of them as they try and walk across "the hand". PAY ATTENTION it amazes me at how careless people are with their own lives.

But I do fear the delivery guy, they don't give a flying bleep about the light being red

Ant said...

I liked NY much better when it wasn't a ball busting suburb suitable for every dumb numb-nut from the midwest and conservative, thumb sucking, television watching ninnies.

NYC is the greatest city in the world (a country of it's own), not Akron, Ohio. Stop this nanny state insanity. "You deserve a citation". Who talks like that?- a parody actor on SNL that's who.

It's a city of diversity with A LOT of people. Organized chaos. Join the PTA, get on your condo board or move to a gated community. We are not well served by law enforcement ticketing jaywalkers. Certain things are let go of here for a reason. Be an adult and be treated like one. Watch your own ass.

blue glass said...

yes jay walkers are a problem too - but if one runs into you they don't hurt you too much.
not like a car or bike can.
and yes, they too should get tickets.

glamma said...

just another day of the bloomberg administration milking the little people to keep stuffing the city's coffers. amazing they efforts they go to in order to squeeeeeze our pockets for nonsense when you think of the enormous tax loopholes and subsidies awarded to rich corporations, developers, movie companies etc. i mean charge the appropriate fee for one movie filming and it will probably be 100 times the $ they bleed out of the bikers.
crazy world we live in.

happy friday! lol

Anonymous said...

@blue glass
"but if one runs into you they don't hurt you too much."

What does that even mean??
Jaywalkers aren't a menace to each other. They are a problem because they walk into oncoming bike and auto traffic.
And if by their own irresponsible action they get hit by a car, it's an "unfortunate accident".
And if by their own irresponsible action they get hit by a cyclist it's simply the "cyclists fault".
That's how it works.

The number of pedestrian and cyclists slaughtered every year by law breaking drivers is simply an accepted given; the price of doing business. But lets setup a special task force to ticket cyclists. They're the REAL problem.

LiberationNYC said...

I was glad to see the bike lanes were properly plowed during this last snow storm. I'd hate to have a disruption in my artisanal hot chocolate delivery from Williamsburg.

OWR said...

That Ant is some ASSHOLE. Why should I or any other citizen living here where fucken mayhem and cahos (especially dangerous Mahem and chaos)because dicks like that couldnt act out in their midwestern burs where they gre up (talking about you Ant?). Tickets thos reckless motherfuckers who are endangering the welfare of othersincluding bicycloist and cars who dont obey the rules. Pedestrians violating the laws/rules are a valid issue too.
Ant, so tough, go hang in the projects on Ave D since you crave Mayhem and Pandemonium so much. Oh yeah, never mind.

blue glass said...

do you walk?
folks walk all over the place - with their cell phones and ipads etc and bump into other folks on a regular basis.
that aside it was not a serious comment.
so, if a jaywalker gets hit by a bicycle going the wrong way and not in the bike lane, it's who's fault?