Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An update on this morning's East Sixth Street fire

[Photo from this morning via EV Grieve reader Laura]

The fire destroyed the 6th Street Kitchen this morning at 507 E. Sixth St. The owners tell Eater that "some items in the basement (the chef's toolbox) may be salvageable, but not much else. The cause was an electrical fire in the middle of the night, 'it seems to be accidental, a freak accident.'"

And from the comments:

I live in 507 - The fire appears to have originated in 6th Street Kitchen, and damage is definitely concentrated in the restaurant. Residents were woken by some explosions and the fire alarm, and escaped via the stairs, fire escapes, or the roof. Smoke damage and damage from fighting the fire is fairly extensive, but only the restaurant itself is destroyed. THANK YOU to the firemen and women who responded so quickly and saved this situation from becoming much worse. We are all very grateful.

Meanwhile, DNAinfo reports that firefighters had to return to the scene after marshals discovered a few remaining embers.

The Local East Village also has an extensive report here.


nygrump said...

I live above a bunch of restaurants on E 6th ST in india row, they have wires coming out of the back of the buildings all over the place, I don't think the City ever inspects them. Landlord won't do anything about it and the Buildings Dept seemed to not care so it must be safe. I have to deacivate the smoke alarm because every time I make tea the damn thing goes off.

Anonymous said...

nygrump, you definitely should call the city then and find out who will inspect and keep at them. No sympathy for people disobeying the law when it comes to people's safety!

Anonymous said...

Living over a restaurant is pretty scary in terms of fire risk. I've had a few friends who have experienced this firsthand.