Thursday, January 20, 2011

Verizon doesn't allow murals on its buildings — except for in Southern California

Earlier we posted an item about Verizon's ongoing battle with graffiti on their Second Avenue building... Perhaps a local artist like Chico could create a mural here? But! A Verizon spokesperson told DNAinfo, "We typically do not permit murals to be painted on our buildings" ... adding that the company will continue to paint over the graffiti as it goes up.

As EV Grieve reader T.E.V.B. pointed out in a Long Beach, Calif. newspaper... the article, titled Mural Brightens Verizon Wall, highlights the work of Long Beach-based muralist Roy Herweck.

Anyway, as for the Verizon wall on 13th Street, T.E.V.B. said, "A community mural there is a great idea."

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esquared said...

what verizon means is that they don't allow murals to be painted on their buildings by non-white people... i.e.

white graffiti artist = muralist
non-white graffiti artist = vandals

glamma said...

hey i think that guy in the hat is REVS! cool piece bro!

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the vandals arrested and sentenced to cleaning a certain number of buildings?

- V

Anonymous said...

Also, why doesn't the Cooper Square Hotel, that is, Standard Hotel East Village, clean the massive graffiti from its 6th Street side wall?

- V

Anonymous said...

Hi V,

Go back to Connecticut.