Thursday, August 11, 2011

Montessori preschool opening on Avenue B

An EV Grieve reader notes that the long-vacant storefront on Avenue B between Third and Fourth Streets ...

... is becoming the third branch of Gold Material, a Montessori-style preschool. Their pricing follows the precedent set by the World Class Learning Academy: $21,000 a year for the full-day program; $16,000 for half-day programs. (The tuition rates for Gold Material are here.)


41AVE B resident said...

OK, this scares me a bit, but hopefully I am not around when the kid are around, Im out by 8 every day, and not back till 5 or whatever. Watching them build this, I was obviously fearing the worst, like le souk 2 or something. Kids dont scream at 4 am, or, if they do, they are not at preschool at the time, so whatever.
Maybe this will take the heat off my rent a bit.

VH McKenzie said...

Not to be a killjoy but with $21,000 being charged for annual tuition (that's for one child, probably 8am-5pm, for probably just 10 months of the year), that means your neighbors will have to be people who can pay $2100 a month for one child for freaking NURSERY school.

That might mean that more high-earners are going to be coming to the neighborhood (as if they weren't already) since the school options are right up their alley. That might put MORE pressure on the rents being charged. They can, so they will raise the rents. Or maybe they already have -- tail wagging the dog? Dunno.

When I sent my kids to Little Missionary (St. Mark's Place) just a dozen years ago, I think the tuition was around $500-$750 a month. Thank god my two kids didn't overlap but it was a HUGE nut to pay. I can't imagine it being 4x that just a dozen years later........

EV Grieve said...

Thanks, VH. I have no idea what things cost when it comes to stuff like this... regardless, that $21k seemed pretty outrageous for the neighborhood...

Jill said...

The tuition at Little Missionary in 1996 was $400/month and I don't know how we managed. By 1998 it was $660/month. College is now around $43,000/year just for tuition (not including mandatory room and board). CUNY is $5000. Tuition for private college was $10,000 when I was there.

Larry Slade said...

There is also the New Amsterdam Early Childhood Center right down the street on Houston & B.
It's a Waldorf School.
They are starting their second year.

3 mornings/week $13,100
5 mornings/week $15,500

5 mornings/week

Jason said...

Think about other private day care centers in the neighborhood and their prices.
At this Montessori school for $19, 800.00 your child will be in school from 8:30 am until 6:00 pm 5 days a week and if you will try to compare to Montessori Schools in general in Manhattan then you will see that we have a gem in our area.