Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week in Grieview: Cheap beer, fast summer

Inexpensive grocery store beer here (Thursday)

A giant chipmunk (Monday)

Part of Sky East turning into an NYU overflow dorm (Tuesday)

The summer is going by too quickly, probably (Friday)

Why Cooper Union was a hotel for a day (Wednesday)

More about the BMW Guggenheim VIP opening-night party (Monday)

Montek Creperie closes (Thursday)

CB3/SLA recap (Wednesday)

Checking in on the TSP Ratstravaganza (Monday)

Crusty slumber party (Tuesday)

And after a rather unkind visit by the DOH, Mamani Pizza reopened this past week on Avenue A... having improved its score from a 64 to a 9, per the DOH website ...


Anonymous said...

So I take it a DOH inspection score is like a golf score--a low number is what you want.

Anonymous said...

DOH closes down Mamani, but somehow Diablo with 62 points and the worst score of every restaurant in the hood gets to stay open. Check out the link and the stuff about the flies,vermin and other nice things.