Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You will soon be able to order booze with your Plump Dumplings

An already slim CB3/SLA agenda for Monday night became slimmer when Heather's was scratched earlier in the day. The bar on East 13th Street was in the "renewals with complaints" category. There have been on-going noise issues here with some neighbors for years... as this article in the Times pointed out in January 2007.

In any event, you can read reports on the rest of the evening at:

BoweryBoogie .... The Lo-Down .... and Eater.

A few highlights:

Per Eater, the committee said OK to licenses for:

• Hot Kitchen, a new Chinese restaurant opening at 104 Second Ave., which previously housed Matsukado.
• Asian Chef Express at 96 Third Ave.
• Plump Dumpling on Second Avenue at 11th Street

And the committee said No to a transfer from Lychee on St. Mark's Place to St. Mark's Red House. Classic line from the proprietor: "There are already 39 licenses; Not to be flippant, but what's 1 more?"

As The-Low Down reported, the owners of Preserve 24, the bi-level, 24-hour Argentinian cafe/bar taking over 175-177 East Houston St. next to Russ & Daughters now want to add "occasional live music" in the basement space. CB3/SLA nixed this. (CB3/SLA approved this monstrosity back in April.) In any event, why do we have the feeling that this place will still host music regardless of what CB3/SLA said?

Finally, BoweryBoogie noted what was approved for the former Crash Mansion space on the Bowery. Quality Meats Downtown will be a bakery-cafe-restaurant-lounge... with an occupancy of 340. People.


Uncle Waltie said...

I'm kind of intrigued by your mention of a Chinese Restaurant called "Hot Kitchen" opening up in Matsukado's space. I'd like to see a reasonably priced Chinese eat-in place on 2nd Ave. I've been missing "Bamboo House", which was not the best, but good enough for those late night times when you just wanted to sit down and order some Lo Mein or Pork Fried Rice at midnight. Hopefully they'll be reasonably priced.

EV Grieve said...

I'm with you, Uncle Waltie. I liked Bamboo House too.

Goggla said...

Re: Bamboo House - I always had the feeling the wait staff was sending secret messages for help when they came to the table. A man in back was always watching...very uncomfortable. Good vegetables, though.

Uncle Waltie said...

That's because the owner pocketed their tips. I was told by one of the waitresses. But we found a way around that creep.