Monday, June 6, 2016

4 St. Mark's Place gets the plywood treatment

Workers finished putting up the plywood outside 4 St. Mark's Place on Friday...

Until this past February, the retail space was home to Trash & Vaudeville for 41 years. (The store is now at 96 E. Seventh St.)

The storefront is for rent via Eastern Consolidated. It appears that the space will be divided into two different storefronts, based on the listing...

Details per the listing:

Upper Retail: 2,600 Square Feet
Lower Retail: 2,600 Square Feet
Storage Space: 1,500 Square Feet

Asking Rent
Upper Retail: $160 PSF
Lower Retail: $135 PSF (including storage basement)

The listing notes that the landlord will deliver a fully renovated space. The only permit on file so far with the DOB is for the construction fence.

As for the landlord. The landmarked building (whose first owner in 1833 was Alexander Hamilton’s son) sold for $10 million in the spring. According to public records, the LLC that bought the property shares an address with Castellan Real Estate Partners/Liberty Place Property Management. (These landlords have been in the news in the past.)

The building, which includes four apartments here between Second Avenue and Third Avenue, arrived on the market last fall for $11.9 million.

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4 St. Mark's Place is for sale


Anonymous said...

The original building looks to have been about half the depth of the existing one. That unusual shift in the floor level towards the back confirms it. These are big commercial spaces and I cannot imagine the next trendy food specially shop taking either of these. Perhaps another Duane Reade?

Anonymous said...

Hamilton's son I am guessing was an obnoxious classist douche not unlike Croman's boy. I am picturing a young dude in a powdered wig chewing out some poor carriage driver. We seem to have come full circle here. Hey that's my imagining of history and I'm sticking to it.

Anonymous said...

I think the powdered wigs went out of style here as soon as the Brits lost. Being a douche is still all the rage.