Friday, June 3, 2016

The stacked townhomes of 347 Bowery are now available for purchase

Yesterday marked the first day of sales for 347 Bowery, the 13-story condoplex that replaced the Salvation Army's East Village Residence at East Third Street.

As Curbed noted, only one of the five residences is now available — a $7.5 million three-bedroom, three-bathroom unit.

Some details per Curbed:

The building will be home to just five expensive condos (four duplexes and the penthouse), starting at $6.5 million for the cheapest and going up to $17 million for the three-floor, tower-topping penthouse. True to form, each apartment will also have ultra-luxury finishes, including cabinetry designed by Selldorf Architects and "disappearing kitchens" outfitted in white oak and soapstone.

There will also be a private entry on 3rd Street through a "landscaped mews" lined with seasonal greenery, including magnolias and evergreen shrubs.

Disappearing kitchens! (I'd be happy with disappearing dirty dishes.)

The building will also feature several retail spaces.

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Anonymous said...

I assume the window are soundproof so the ultra-rich never need to hear the nightlife on the Bowery, honk honk.

Michael Ivan said...

Stacked Townhome's is an incredibly offensive branding description for a bunch of poured concrete, steel and glass.

Not an architect, but.... said...

Won't the "landscaped mews" be somewhat dependent on the plans for the development site for sale directly next door on E. 3rd St.?

Gojira said...

What happens if you want a 3 AM snack and you go out and find your kitchen has vanished? And where does it go, anyway? Coney Island to ride the rollercoaster?

Makeout said...

@ Gojira- Ha! That was funny! I usually just get up to have a smoke at that hour. & maybe make peeps.