Monday, September 15, 2008

The last frontier on the LES?

Million dollar condos abound, of course, on the fringes of the Lower East Side, with River Ridge setting up shop on the wilds of Ridge Street and Karl Fischer soon to follow on Ridge and Stanton. Not to mention 32 Clinton at Clinton and Stanton. Still, for better or worse, there's still at least one stretch of the area where you can enjoy what the neighborhood used to look like -- the empty lot and few dilipidated buildings on Attorney Street between Rivington and Delancey. (Seems like the perfect place for a secret club!)

I have a few more shots from earlier this summer on my Flickr page.


Anonymous said...

i live on this block, and it's a nightmare. despite the downside of developments "taking away from the LES" i gladly welcome them to come into this street and build. it's better than what's currently there.

due to the traffic patter of attorney street (one way, dead end street, that's hard to get to) it welcomes petty crime from car break-ins, to building vandalism, and dumping in that abandoned lot.

nobody cares about the street, as evident by the torches motorcycles, piles of dog shit, and broken car glass littered throughout the sidewalk.

there have been two fires set in that abandoned lot in the past month. if that's not dangerous enough, the twisted scrap metal that hangs off the boarded-up entrance will surely put your eye out. Conveniently, this all occurs within 20 feet of an elementary school.

I have called 311, the police, and the department of sanitation over a dozen times, and nothing seems to get done.

I would gladly welcome developers coming down and cleaning up that street - certainly the city is in no rush to do it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the yunnies are realizing what is happening???Mommie and Daddie I'm coming home--where did all the jobs go--what no hedge funds no more-wha...