Monday, April 4, 2011

200 Avenue A's future: Art gallery, with a full liquor license

200 Avenue A, currently the home of the empty Superdive, is on the docket for the CB3/SLA meeting next Monday. The group is calling themselves "Not a Bookstore Inc" — a nod to Superdive's Rapture Cafe & Books past.

During the weekend, workers representing the prospective tenants were on Avenue A collecting signatures in support of the new venture. According to residents, the new venture is from the same group who appeared before the CB3 in November with the idea of a restaurant/lounge "that involves all the senses," including maybe a smell machine. And what is the new idea for 200 Avenue A? "Art gallery with full liquor license."


Bowery Boogie said...

sounds like Gallery Bar.

esquared™ said...

or the Art Bar in Marc Jacobs's Village

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Oh boy, let me tell you. Drinking and art do not mix! The last time I got drunk in a gallery, I woke up the next day with this!

blue glass said...

gallery "element" zero on east 13th street went for a liquor license when they couldn't make it only as a galley.
theater for the new city and ps122 went for liquor license to raise money.
bars seem to be the major financial successes here.
confirmed by the ny post

Anonymous said...

Oh, great. I signed their petition. They said it was going to be an art gallery. They were two nice girls who didn't say anything about booze. I feel like I was hoodwinked.