Sunday, April 3, 2011

Non-shockers: More bars in 10003 Zip Code than anywhere else in NYC

From the Post today, in a piece titled Booze 'n the hood: E. Village tops tipsy ZIP-code liquor list:

A Post analysis of state liquor licenses by ZIP code has zeroed in on the booziest blocks, with the East Village's 10003 rising to the top of the suds-soaked list.

There were 474 bars, restaurants and corner stores licensed to sell hooch in the hood, beating out Times Square and Hell's Kitchen.

Those who live in the city's cocktail capital have increasingly had enough of the day-to-night debauchery.

"It's like a red-light district," said Andrew Coamey, 44, a CFO who lives in the East Village. "It's honking cabs all night. It's like a bad, disturbing dream."

Jeremy makes a good point in the comments... not really fair to call 10003 "the East Village."


Anonymous said...

whats with the autoplay?! make it stop!

Lisa said...

Andrew, baby, I think the term you're looking for is "nightmare".

EV Grieve said...


Ah! Sorry! Didn't realize that was happening.... it was the "Blank City" video box. I removed!

Jeremy said...

Not really fair to call 10003 the East Village:

EV Grieve said...

Good point, Jeremy. I don't see 10009 on their list.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

10009 mighta had a shot if it wasn't for Stuyvesant Town.