Friday, August 26, 2011

And now, a word from the East Fifth St. Tree Committee

Between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

Photo by Bobby Williams.


VH McKenzie said...

Committee of one?

blue glass said...

there is a block association on that block.
many long time residents too

Anonymous said...

the "fifth street block"

check out their advertising banners on the light poles up and down cooper square and the bowery. they are one of the CB3 Illuminati.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

They've actually done a nice job installing new benches and improving the park area on that block. It's gone far to correct the rat problem, too.

Tom said...

I lived there for 17 years, but don't think the block association or tree committee were formed yet. Do they cover the block of 5th St between 1st & 2nd, or the two blocks of 5th St between 1st & 3rd (Cooper)?