Tuesday, June 14, 2016

C & B Convenience Store has closed on 14th Street

The East 14th Street turnover continues... C & B Convenience Store at 248 E. 14th St. between Second Avenue and Third Avenue shut down last week...The Marshal came calling too...

After an apparent rent increase, Saving$ Paradise next door at No. 250 recently merged with IQ Decor a few storefronts to the west.

Taking bubble tea bets now.

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Anonymous said...

How inconvenient.

Anonymous said...

Meh, that place was always a bit sketchy. I remember when I first moved to the neighborhood, there was a cat in the store. He was a big fella and liked to lounge on the little door ramp (see photo). Then I didn't really go there for a while (as these stores go, this one kind of sucked), but when I did go again, the kitty was no longer there, so I politely inquired about the cat, and they pretended not to understand me and were kind of weirdly aggressive about it, like I was crazy. Which I am ... about cats! But I clearly wasn't a health inspector or anything, just a stoned cat nut buying gummy bears on my way home.

Anyway I hope this dump gets replaced by a friendly bodega that has FIVE, NO TEN AWESOME CATS

>^..^< x 10

Anonymous said...

Bubble tea or rolled ice cream coming to this spot soon.

Goggla said...

I agree with 10:32. More cats!