Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Paper now adorns the windows at the temporarily closed Dahlia's

[Photo from May]

Dahlia's on Second Avenue at Fifth Street temporarily closed in early May while the State Liquor Authority decides their future booze fate.

Yesterday, EVG correspondent Steven noticed that the windows have been papered over...

No word just yet what might be happening to the space.

Back in February, the SLA temporarily suspended Dahlia's liquor license after serving a reported 50 minors one night.

According to the Post, officers from the 9th Precinct a half block away found the exits at Dahlia's locked "and more than 40 well-heeled teens — one only 15 years old — quaffing 'monster margaritas' and mojitos" one night in January.

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Gojira said...

Just another drunken frat brat locale, nothing for actual residents, and no loss to the community whatsoever. Good riddance, stay closed.

Anonymous said...

Now where are these teenagers supposed to go to get drunk, their parents basements in Scarsdale ? Those "kiddie drinking party" parents need to put a 'Drunk Driver In Training" sign on their kids cars to warn the public. Anyway I guess they weren't going to Dahlias for the food after all.

Anonymous said...

Agreed 8:08am.

Shame on the SLA if they reinstate this dump.

Hey Folks,

Our liquor license was revoked because we served 43 minors alcohol and have been closed because of it. We hope to reopen so we can resume serving alcohol to minors.


blue glass said...

now that quality of life laws have been suspended, perhaps underage drinking is also ok and when the sla allows endless brunches to start at 9am there will be a provision for underage drinking - and dahlia's will be allowed to reopen.

i am expect every storefront to serve alcohol snd have a sidewalk cafe.

Anonymous said...

They should not reopen. Those who served alcohol to minors should face criminal charges for endangering the welfare of a child.