Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Report: 14-story building planned for 827 Broadway

This past Friday, reps for Caerus Group and Quality Capital filed plans for a 14-story, 70,000-square-foot retail-and-office building at 827 Broadway, as The Real Deal reported.

Per the article:

Retail will span the first three floors of the building, with the remaining 11 floors devoted to office space. The plans call for terraces on the fourth floor and roof — an amenity many landlords in the Midtown South market consider a necessity in order to attract tenants.

According to DOB records, there were plans filed in December for a "10-story vertical enlargement ... to existing 4-story building." Now there are just plans for a new building.

So apparently this means the two existing four-story buildings between 12th Street and 13th Street will be demolished. There aren't any demo permits on file yet.

Quality Capital and Caerus Group bought 827-829 and 831 Broadway last summer for $60 million. The deal reportedly included 30,000 square feet of air rights.

Antiques mogul Howard Kaplan previously owned the buildings for 35 years.

Here's some history of the buildings:

Italiante commercial building built by tobacconist Pierre Lorillard III (1796-1867) on property owned by the family until 1940. Lorillard was grandson of Pierre Abraham Lorillard (1742–1776), founder of the American tobacco industry with 1760 launch of P. Lorillard & Co. In 1867, No. 827 was shop of cabinetmaker Alexander Roux (1813-1886). From 1980s until 2008 was a club, La Belle Epoque.


Anonymous said...

So no landmarks protection here in "Midtown South?"

Anonymous said...

What a shame.

Gojira said...

The Landmarks "Preservation" Committee - what a joke - is on permanent vacation. They do nothing, save nothing, just stand by complacently as more and more of our history is smashed into rubble.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

why would you get rid of those beauties?!? at least build on top of em! short-sighted fools!

Anonymous said...

The charm of the Village, from University Place going east, has been truly trashed by rapacious developers. Developers with no taste and no conscience. The existing buildings are beautiful and unusual. I'm sure the developers will go with generic glass-clad bullshit.

Anonymous said...

They have taken too much from us already. When does it stop?