Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tompkins Square Park getting a Prince-inspired piano for the next 10 days

The Sing for Hope piano arrived in Tompkins Square Park yesterday... where it will be officially unveiled tomorrow for public use through June 19.

Here's more via the Sing for Hope website:

As NYC’s largest annual public art project, The Sing for Hope Pianos impacts an estimated 1 million New Yorkers and visitors each year. For two weeks each summer, we bring 50 unique, artist-created Sing for Hope Pianos to the parks and public spaces of all five boroughs for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

This year, we are thrilled to announce that, following public installation, all of The 2016 Sing for Hope Pianos will be placed in permanent homes in NYC public schools, bringing the power of the arts to an estimated 15,000 New York City schoolchildren.

Brooklyn-based artist Eric Inkala designed the piano for Tompkins Square is titled "Dearly Beloved," and is dedicated to Prince.

Here's a look at the piano after workers unwrapped it...

[Photo by Bobby Williams]

This is the first pop-up piano for the Park since 2013. (There was a piano on Astor Place last year.)

Thanks to William Klayer for the top two photos

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Anonymous said...

i gotta learn to play asap so i can do that beauty justice