Monday, September 12, 2016

Former Capital One® space now for rent on 14th and 3rd

The Capital One® on the southeast corner of Third Avenue and 14th Street closed (bank branch down!) in July with the big move a few blocks to 14th Street and Broadway.

Now this prime corner space is on the rental market. The sign just went up... and the listing at RKF isn't live yet.

Will update with the rental info once it's available.

Meanwhile, what bank kind of business do you think might take this space? (We speculated that this was one possible landing spaces for the soon-to-depart M2M.)


Anonymous said...

What's happening with Capitol One? The branch on 8th Street and University Place seems to have closed, too.

Anonymous said...

Beer store?


LinkNYC show room?!


Speaking of LinkNYC!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the company decided to consolidate. Its Union Square branch appears to be something of a flagship.

Meanwhile, across 14th, the ghost-like "construction" site at 133 3rd Avenue continues to decay. The sidewalk is a shambles, and with only a few short months until winter, pedestrians face hazard as they're forced to avoid icy conditions and walk in the street. Which is a bus stop.

I'd love to see our blog revisit this blight.

Anonymous said...

Capitol One - another one bites the dust?? Hey, if banks are going under, then end days are near!