Thursday, April 8, 2021

Packing up the last of The Pyramid Club

Text and photos by Stacie Joy

Tuesday marked the final loadout at the now-shuttered Pyramid Club at 101 Avenue A

After a year-long closure during the pandemic, the owners of the iconic East Village venue decided that they would not reopen the two-level space. 

I was there to see manager Maria Narciso, her fiancé, general manager and house DJ TM.8 (aka Quirino Perez), and filmmaker Rob Barriales, who often shot at the club, remove the famed window mannequin, the party sandwich boards, velvet rope stanchions as well as monitors, speakers and supplies (plus the 1980s electronic game Simon!).
"If it wasn't for the community love and support, the Pyramid Club would not have lasted 41 years," Quirino said. "We're moving on, taking that spirit with us to our new homes. Together, we can keep the Pyramid Spirit alive forever."
Of note is the fact that the club was recently listed on Loopnet for rent as a retail space here between Sixth Street and Seventh Street. That listing, first posted on March 6, has subsequently been removed, but you can view the cached version here.

This past Friday, someone affiliated with the building removed The Pyramid Sign from the doorway.
To keep up with what's happening with Pyramid parties going forward, check this link

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Anonymous said...

I hope the Pyramid gods put a curse on the owners so that no business they try to put in that space can ever succeed.

Anonymous said...

ohhh that mannequin head; hope to see it in a nearby window soon...hopefully announcing another foggy, neon-lit nightclub/art space!

Anonymous said...

So very sad.

bill said...

Some history of 101 Avenue A. Nico lived then when she was with The Velvet Underground.

Roeisum's said...

That’s not fair they kept it going for 41 years and with the shut down how are they suppose to pay rent. I will miss the place went there for nearly 38 years.

Anonymous said...

Take me with you, Pyramid!

I touched you at the soundcheck
You had no real way of knowing
In my heart I begged "Take me with you ...
I don't care where you're going..."
But to you I was faceless
I was fawning, I was boring
Just a child from those ugly new houses
Who could never begin to know

Anonymous said...

Come to Newark, cheaper rent and a ready made crowd. not joking and ready to help.