Saturday, September 24, 2022

NYCHA officials appear before City Council: The latest from the Riis Houses water scandal

NYCHA officials appeared before City Council yesterday in an emergency hearing to answer questions about the agency's "lethargic response" to complaints about cloudy water and positive arsenic test results at the Jacob Riis Houses on Avenue D (Previously on EVG)... 

• NYCHA admits knowing of "cloudy water" at Riis Houses months before arsenic scare (Daily News

• NYC wants answers after tainted water scare (ABC 7

• Lab behind botched water tests at Jacob Riis Houses not authorized to perform work in NY, public housing officials say (Gothamist

• NYCHA could have fast tracked 24-hour water tests. Instead, it decided to wait weeks for results. (The City

• Malfunctioning water tank now under scrutiny as root of NYCHA arsenic crisis (The City)

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