Thursday, September 22, 2022

New York State is selling off the contents of Matthew Kenney's restaurant Sestina

Next Wednesday, the State of New York is auctioning off the contents of Sestina, vegan chef Matthew Kenney's pasta restaurant at 67 Second Ave. at Fourth Street. 

Reps for the Department of Taxation and Finance posted the notices yesterday on the restaurant, which the state had seized in late August for nonpayment of taxes.
The auction will occur at the restaurant. Go here to find what's available to bid on next week.

Sestina's Instagram account chalked up the seizure to "technical difficulties" back on Aug. 31.
Kenney opened Sestina in the fall of 2020, one of several restaurants he operates in the East Village.

Meanwhile, a Sestina just debuted in Culver City, Calif. 

This marked the fourth Kenney concept here in the past few years, following Plantmade, Plant Food + Wine and Arata.

There was also a revolving door of restaurants here before Kenney took over. La Contrada ... Contrada (not to be confused with La Contrada) ... Calliope and Belcourt all came and went since 2012.


Anonymous said...

I’ll have a chicken parm platter, and a side of pasta. And a Guinness Stout.

Anonymous said...

It was a vegan restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Calliope had a great brunch.

Anonymous said...

Nothing has really stuck since Frutti di Mare.

Anonymous said...

This guy stores all his restaurant crap up and down that 2nd Ave sidewalk it's mad annoying