Thursday, September 29, 2022

Art gallery Amanita debuts today on the Bowery

Photo from Saturday when paper still covered the front windows

Amanita opens its first dedicated NYC space this evening (Sept. 29) at 313 Bowery with "Place Holder," featuring works by emerging Italian painter Leonardo Meoni.

Here's more about the first show:
The works in the exhibition are all on velvet. The marked surfaces result not from any kind of additive or subtractive process, but from something in between. This liminal state, in which pigment is not added nor are the fibers of the velvet removed, represents a mode of mark-making that is as immediate as it is indirect. 

Through this technique, Meoni has devised a refreshing approach to image-making that is the result of active, performative gestures of rubbing, brushing, pressing, and imprinting forms into the responsive velvet surface. Leo uses his fingers, unloaded paint brushes, gardening equipment, cooking utensils and construction tools to create impressions in the medium.
Tonight's opening is from 6-8. "Placeholder" will be on view here in the 3,500-square-foot space between First Street and Second Street through Oct. 30.

Caio Twombly, the son of sculptor Alessandro Twombly and grandson of the painter Cy Twombly, founded the gallery last year in Florence. 

Patagonia was in this storefront for nine years, departing back in the fallPreviously, the address was a pop-up shop for a rock-inspired clothing line called Andrew Charles created by Andy Hilfiger and Steven Tyler ... and the Morrison Hotel Gallery. And before all this: The space adjacent to CBGB housed the CBGB Record Canteen and, later, the 313 Gallery. 

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