Sunday, September 25, 2022

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo on Avenue A by Derek Berg) ... 

• Big changes are coming to the iconic skate spot in Tompkins Square Park (Monday

• Community groups advocating for low-income housing on these 2 East Village sites (Tuesday

• Ella Funt & Club 82 looks to bring food, film and theater to storied 4th Street venue (Monday

• The [plant-baked] retail space is closing on 7th Street this Sunday (Friday

• The former Uncle Johnny grocery slated for demolition on Avenue D and 5th Street (Wednesday

• The great First Avenue Laundry Center is closing for renovations this fall (Thursday

• Good Beer has closed (Monday

• Crossroads Trading bringing the resale and vintage clothing to Second Avenue (Friday)

• Openings: Monsieur Vo on 2nd Avenue (Wednesday

• New York State is selling off the contents of Matthew Kenney's restaurant Sestina (Thursday

• Pretty much a full reveal at the incoming Empanada Mama (Wednesday)

• Former Tarallucci e Vino space for rent (Thursday

• Former Los Tacos space now a 787 Coffee training facility on 7th Street (Wednesday

• Longtime bar space at 68 2nd Ave. hits the rental market (Tuesday

• 1 guess on what is coming to this empty storefront on Avenue A and 13th Street (Monday

• Signage alert: Chomp Chomp Thai Kitchen on 1st Street (Friday

• New 6th Street psychic apparently didn't summon psychic powers before taking this space (Thursday)

• A Link5G tower for Avenue A (Tuesday

... and speaking of Link5G towers, on Friday, EVG contributor Stacie Joy spotted workers erecting one on Clinton Street between Houston and Stanton... 
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Anonymous said...

not exactly the Wallace fountains of Paris

Anonymous said...

Even the taggers seem to be keeping their distance

Anonymous said...

I'm no expert, but those towers appear to be dangerously close to the apartment windows (and to the fire escape in one case). Does anyone in NYC government ever even consider that?

The towers do look like giant tampons, BTW.


I have a Link5G tower outside of my window and I love it! It's perfect for pest control as it attracts and kills Lantern Moths, Murder Hornets, and the feral Honey Badgers that live in the outdoor dining shed.

Anonymous said...

How nice to have that added to one's view out one's windows.

Glamma said...

These 5G towers are fking evil and are going to give us all cancer. Any elected officials with the will and balls to stand up to this garbage being shoved down our throats?