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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Stuyvesant Street storefronts return to view

Photo by Steven 

On Tuesday, workers removed the sidewalk bridge and remaining construction netting along 29 Third Ave. (home of the Bean) and the empty storefronts at 8-14 Stuyvesant St.

Asbestos abatement notices arrived back in April at the storefronts. Work permits at the DOB showed permits for "retail store white box interior renovation."

We're curious if for-lease signs are next.

As previously reported, Village Yokocho, Angel's Share and Panya closed in these spaces in April 2022. Another restaurant, Sharaku, in the corner space at 14 Stuyvesant St., shuttered earlier in the pandemic. (Sunrise Mart in a separate building next door on the second floor also shut down.)

Cooper Union, which leased the buildings from their owners and had subleased them to the Yoshida Restaurant Group for more than 25 years, said it was the tenants' decision to move on. (This post has more background. Yoshida had not paid rent since 2020.)

There haven't been any public statements on what the landlord, believed to be 29 Third Ave Corporation c/o Casabella Holdings, LLC, has in store for the spaces. A Cooper Union rep told us previously that no new building was planned on this site. Based on the reveal this week, it looks as if the storefronts were just receiving an interior-exterior renovation.

By the way, Angel's Share reopened in the West Village in June. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

That's all for East Village mainstay Dallas BBQ

Photos by Steven

East Village stalwart Dallas BBQ has shut down several days before anticipated here on the NE corner of Second Avenue and St. Mark's Place. 

Staff previously told EVG contributor Stacie Joy that the BBQ joint would close after service this New Year's Eve. Perhaps they ran out of onion loaves... signage is now up noting the closure, with a note to would-be Dallas BBQ diners to try the outpost on 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue in Chelsea...
... and the interior is in disarray as workers prepare to move out the remains of the restaurant that has anchored this corner since the mid-1980s...
According to staff, the building's landlord would not renew the chainlet's lease and opted to rent the space to another business.

The EV Dallas BBQ staff has been offered jobs at other locations, which include a dozen in the metropolitan area.

News of a closure had been expected since an applicant for a new bar-restaurant appeared before Community Board 3 in June. Hospitality vet Curt Huegel, whose portfolio includes concepts such as Bill's Townhouse, Campagnola and Printers Alley, received approval for the unnamed establishment. 

There was some debate over closing time, and the committee wouldn't approve a 4 a.m. close. Huegel didn't respond to our previous request for comment to see if he was still taking the prime corner space.

Friday, December 23, 2022

Jell & Chill peacing out on 7th Street

After three-plus years at 110 E. Seventh St. between Avenue A and First Avenue, Jell & Chill is closing in the days ahead. 

You just have three days left for the shop's traditional handcrafted Bīng Fěn Ice Jelly, a Sichuanese cold dessert jelly. Jell & Chill closes after service on Sunday. 

Per the shop's Instagram account: "Given the current circumstances we chose not to renew our lease." 

The owners are looking to open in another NYC location. 

Hours: Today from 3-8 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday from 2-8 p.m.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Crab Du Jour sleeps with the fishes on 1st Avenue

That's all for Crab Du Jour.

After nearly a year in business, this outpost of the chainlet has closed at 225 First Ave. between 13th Street and 14th Street. Google lists them as permanently closed. Workers have been breaking down the interior...
The restaurant, described as a Cajun Seafood Boil & Bar, never got the chance to serve beer and wine...  which a sign on the door points out is coming soon... 
This address was previously a Checkers, which closed in late 2020 after six years in business.

Thanks to Steven for the photos!

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Sacco has apparently gone out of business on 11th Street

Sacco's short time at 328 E. 11th St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue has apparently ended.

The specialty shop has been closed since earlier this fall... Yelp and Google both list this as a closure.

Sacco's, which debuted in June, offered house-made sandwiches, a frittata of the day, fresh bread, and other grocery staples. 

It was a nice spot... and there was some local history. Proprietor Vincent Caprio told us that the place was named after his grandfather, who had a butcher shop back in 1900 on the same block.

Thanks to Steven for the photo.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Lower East Side mainstay El Sombrero has closed

Photos and reporting by Stacie Joy 

El Sombrero, aka the Hat, which has anchored the corner of Ludlow and Stanton Street for decades, will not be reopening. 

Paper has covered the front windows here, leading to speculation about the Mexican restaurant's future. 

Owners Junior and Judy Almonte, seen here on Monday, confirmed the closure to EVG correspondent Stacie Joy...
Pandemic aside, Junior cited the rising food costs and challenges of hiring staff as well as some personal health concerns as the reasons behind the decision to close. 

Distance was also an issue, as the couple, who have four children, now live in New Jersey.

While the restaurant is closing, the Almontes said that they may reopen in another location at some point. Meanwhile, Junior said that they were selling items and supplies from the restaurant. (Interested parties can contact them via social media.)
El Sombrero first opened in 1984, and was known for cheap eats and potent margaritas, which for a time, were available to go. 

With business in decline, the restaurant closed in March 2014 ... Junior, related to the original owners, refurbished the space and reopened it in November 2014
Given this high-profile LES corner, it's hard to imagine the space staying vacant for long. Artichoke Basille's Pizza was a 2014 suitor, though those plans never materialized.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Heathily Deli has not been open lately

It appears that we have the first victim from the Great EV Delification of 2021-22.

Heathily Deli, which debuted in the spring. has not been open for 3-4 weeks here at 158 First Ave. between Ninth Street and 10th Street.

The rather generic spot offered similar items to other like-minded businesses that have arrived recently in the neighborhood, such as the delis that have opened along Avenue A and at First Avenue and Ninth Street. And First Avenue and Seventh Street

Thanks to Steven for the photo! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

UPDATED: Pinky's Space is closed for now 2 weeks after the city removes its curbside structure on 1st Street

Photo from Oct. 27 by Lori E. Seid 

Updated: Owners Wesely and Mimi reached out to tell us that they have NOT closed for good, despite the published report. They said they are "currently in a rebuilding phase and will not be closing permanently."


Pinky's Space, the cafe-art gallery at 70 E. First St. has closed two weeks after the city removed its curbside dining structure. And now, the owners are planning to sue the city for property damage and loss of business, Jennifer Gould at the Post reports

On Oct. 27, the city leveled the 50-foot-long outdoor structure, which had morphed into an assemblage of paintings, furniture and plants — topped off by a chandelier and disco ball here between First Avenue and Second Avenue. Co-owner Mimi Blitz estimated she spent $50,000 on the structure.

 Per the Post
"We are still devastated — we haven’t been able to fully reopen and we have to restructure our business model because 90% of our business was from roadway dining," said Blitz... 

"We had a living, breathing business here," Blitz added. "We made sure it looked good and was up to code." 
A DOT spokesperson told the Post that Pinky's Space had received three non-compliance warnings since August. 
"We had no indication they were taking the structure down, taking my whole livelihood down," Blitz said. "Some of the DOT workers were laughing at us. They took the lights, every piece of wood, and the astroturf." 
Pinky's Space first opened in 2018 as a quick-serve cafe offering a variety of sandwiches served on biscuits.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Olde Good Things is closing its Bowery outpost

The Olde Good Things outpost at 302 Bowery is closing here between Bleecker and Houston. 

A for-rent banner arrived above the storefront several weeks ago, providing a hint of closures to come. Most things are between 20-40% off, per the front-window signage...
This outpost of the architectural artifact dealer specializing in reclaimed building materials and antiques arrived here in 2013. 

Olde Good Things has two other NYC locations as well as one in Los Angeles and a warehouse in Scranton, Pa.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Mug & Cup space is now in possession of the landlord on Avenue C

Photos by Stacie Joy

We hadn't seen Mug & Cup open for several months here at 115 Avenue C between Seventh Street and Eighth Street.

There's now legal documentation on the door... the Marshal has taken possession of the storefront on behalf of the landlord...
The coffee and juice shop opened last November after a long build-out of the retail space. This was the second outpost for Mug & Cup, which got its start in East Flatbush. 

No. 115 had been vacant for the past few years as the building was sold and gut-renovated. The retail space has been empty since Le Jardin Bistro closed in June 2015. Previous ventures here included Apartment 13 and The Porch.

Monday, October 24, 2022

After nearly 30 years, Meg has left the East Village

Photos by Steven

Meg, the locally made, independent clothing line, has closed its East Village location... bringing an end to 28 years of business here. 

Back in February, the shop moved its flagship location down to 262 Mott St. However, founder Megan Kinney used the original storefront at 312 E. Ninth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue for a Meg Archive ... where patrons could sell or trade Meg clothes ... with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. 

A letter on the door — addressed to "Meg babes" — thanks patrons and acknowledges the "amazing moments" at the store...
Kinney started her business here in 1994 ... she and her husband lived in the basement at the address for a while. 

The Meg locations remain on Mott Street and in Boerum Hill in Brooklyn and Toronto.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Dumpling Lab, recipient of a new Bib Gourmand, has closed on 9th Street

After nearly a year in business, Dumpling Lab has closed at 214 E. Ninth St. between Second Avenue and Third Avenue. (Thanks to Steven for the photos.)

The space had been dark recently, and Google listed them as "permanently closed."

Dumpling Lab management confirmed the departure in a text, stating: "we will be looking for another location to reopen in the near future."
The restaurant, which drew inspiration from chef Xiaomei Ma's native Tsingtao, China, was from the same team behind Hunan Slurp on First Avenue between Sixth Street and Seventh Street. 

And lousy timing on the closure, as Dumpling Lab just made the 2022 Michelin Guide's list of 18 new Bib Gourmands.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Solo Pizza has closed on Avenue B


Solo Pizza has closed as of Monday at 27 Avenue B between Second Street and Third Street. 

There's a pop-up message on the pizzeria's website...
Ownership didn't cite any reasons for the closure.

The pizzeria opened in 2007 and served up some solid slices... not to mention an eggplant parm hero. They will be missed. 

H/T Stacie Joy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

345 Cantina takes over for Tableside on 6th Street

The 345 Cantina is up and running now at 345 E. Sixth St. just west of First Avenue. (Thanks to the reader tips on this!)

The 345 serves up tacos, beer and cocktails. You can find an online menu here. And an Instagram account here

This arrival also marks the end of Tableside ... the Italian restaurant closed on Aug. 29 after five-plus years in business. Ownership did not provide a reason behind the closure in an Instagram announcement.   

Thursday, September 22, 2022

New York State is selling off the contents of Matthew Kenney's restaurant Sestina

Next Wednesday, the State of New York is auctioning off the contents of Sestina, vegan chef Matthew Kenney's pasta restaurant at 67 Second Ave. at Fourth Street. 

Reps for the Department of Taxation and Finance posted the notices yesterday on the restaurant, which the state had seized in late August for nonpayment of taxes.
The auction will occur at the restaurant. Go here to find what's available to bid on next week.

Sestina's Instagram account chalked up the seizure to "technical difficulties" back on Aug. 31.
Kenney opened Sestina in the fall of 2020, one of several restaurants he operates in the East Village.

Meanwhile, a Sestina just debuted in Culver City, Calif. 

This marked the fourth Kenney concept here in the past few years, following Plantmade, Plant Food + Wine and Arata.

There was also a revolving door of restaurants here before Kenney took over. La Contrada ... Contrada (not to be confused with La Contrada) ... Calliope and Belcourt all came and went since 2012.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Longtime bar space at 68 2nd Ave. hits the rental market

A for-lease sign now hangs on the front window at 68 Second Ave. at Fourth Street, bringing an official end, for now, to a bar in the corner space. (Thanks to Steven for the photo!)

Last year, the queer-friendly English-style pub Queen Vic from the owners of Boiler Room next door became just Queen ... and more recently, Watering Hole.

Queen Vic opened in September 2010, ending the carousel of bars here, including 2x4, Ambiance and Evolution.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Good Beer has closed

As a follow-up to last Monday's post... Good Beer has closed at 422 E. Ninth St., wrapping up nearly 12 years between Avenue A and First Avenue. 

As Chris O'Leary wrote in his Brew New York newsletter
The shop-and-bar was a craft beer pioneer when it opened, and was the first beer-focused bottle shop with on-premise drinking in Manhattan, paving the way for others throughout the borough that continue to operate to this day.
Photo by Steven 

Thursday, September 15, 2022

The state of this Stuyvesant Street retail space

We've talked with several readers/residents dismayed by the current state of 8-14 Stuyvesant St. ... the once-vibrant corridor with four popular businesses here between Third Avenue and Ninth Street. 

Today (photos from Tuesday), the storefronts sit empty and continue to attract graffiti and wheatpaste ads (and abandoned chairs!) ...
As previously reported, Village Yokocho, Angel's Share and Panya closed in these spaces in April. Another restaurant, Sharaku in the corner space at 14 Stuyvesant St., shuttered earlier in the pandemic. (Sunrise Mart in a separate building next door on the second floor also shut down.)

Cooper Union, which leases the buildings from their owners and had subleased them to the Yoshida Restaurant Group for more than 25 years, said it was the tenants' decision to move on. (This post has more background. Yoshida had not paid rent since 2020.)

No word on what the landlord, believed to be 29 Third Ave Corporation c/o Casabella Holdings, LLC, has in store for the spaces. We haven't spotted any retail listings for the address. (A Cooper Union rep told us previously that there isn't a new building planned on this site.)

So expect this strip to remain in this state for the foreseeable future. 

Monday, September 12, 2022

Good Beer is closing

Photo by Steven

Several bummed-out Good Beer fans told us that the retail shop on Ninth Street between Avenue A and First Avenue is closing.

Owner David Cichowicz confirmed to EVG contributor Steven that Good Beer will shut down in the days ahead, depending on the inventory. 

The shop apparently couldn't recover from the COVID-related closures and subsequent slowdown in business. 

In an appreciation post from April 2020, EVG reader Abfus had this to say: 
As the name suggests, Good Beer has always stocked an impeccable selection of domestic and international beer across every style. And it gets deliveries from local breweries several times a week, so you can simultaneously support the locally owned store and the city's flourishing brewery scene.
Good Beer first opened in November 2010.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Sanshi Noodle House looks closed

Another high-profile East Village corner looks to have a vacant storefront. 

Workers emptied out Sanshi Noodle House last week on the NE corner of Second Avenue and Seventh Street (thanks to Steven for the photos)...
There aren't any posted signs about a closure ... or a "closed for renovations." The website is still active, though the phone goes unanswered. Google lists this as "temporarily closed." Unfortunately, it looks more like a "permanently closed." 

The restaurant opened in May 2021 after a lengthy build-out.

This corner space had been vacant since Bar Virage closed in December 2018 after 20-plus years in business. The Bar Virage awning remains on Seventh Street...