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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Ainsworth closes East Village location

That's all for the Ainsworth on the SW corner of Third Avenue and 11th Street. (Thanks to Steven for the photos.) 

The upscale sports bar, part of a mini chain, closed after service on Sunday.

Per the door signage, they'll be merging with the Chelsea outpost later this summer...
The EV Ainsworth opened in December 2017

Previously, this corner space was home to Village Pourhouse, the pub-crawling hosting hotspot ... for 11 years. 

And all together now — bring back the Roll-n-Roaster!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

1st Avenue old-timer Royal Bangladesh Indian Restaurant has closed

Royal Bangladesh on First Avenue at Sixth Street has not been open for several weeks, per multiple readers. Yelp also lists the restaurant as closed.

EVG contributor Stacie Joy caught this shot of the rolldown gate open over the weekend ... showing a for-rent sign on the storefront...
The colorful BYOB standby on the lower level here first opened in 1978. 

With this closure, Panna II, who runs Milon these days, is the sole restaurant at the address...  bringing an end to the era of theatrical hosts trying to get passersby to eat in their establishment, insisting that their food is superior. 

This article at 6sqft has a nice recap of the restaurants here; Eater too.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Desert Rose Café has apparently closed on 9th Street

Photos by Steven 

Workers were spotted clearing out Desert Rose Café the other day at 350 E. Ninth St. just west of First Avenue. 

Google lists the Café as "permanently closed" now... though there isn't any mention of a closure on its social media properties...
The Café, which offered a vareity of breakfast and lunch options, including crêpes, wraps and salads, just opened last July.

This space was last very briefly O Ramen Dim Sum M, which tried to open during the pandemic without success. And previously: beQu Juice was here until November 2019 after nearly six years in business.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Updated: Raclette will reopen on July 29

Photos by Stacie Joy 

Updated 6/26: Signage at the restaurant states they will now reopen on July 29.

Raclette has closed at 511 E. 12th St. 

Multiple readers told us about the "closed" sign on the door here between Avenue A and Avenue B. Owner Edgar Villongco also confirmed the news to Eater. There isn't any mention of the closure yet on the restaurant's social media properties. 

The restaurant, which served French and Swiss Raclette, Croques and Tartine, opened in a 14-seat space on Avenue A in February 2015... before moving to these larger confines in September 2016...
No. 511 was previously home to Northern Spy (2010-2016).

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Akina Sushi has not been open lately

Several readers have noted that Akina Sushi has been dark in recent weeks at 424 E. 14th St. between Avenue A and First Avenue.

Yelp lists the restaurant as closed... and the phone is not in service. (Delivery is also no longer available via the usual third-party apps.)

Owner Tim Chang opened Akina Sushi in December 2008... and fans of the restaurant have noted their appreciation of the staff, including Tim's wife Nicole and sometimes his mother. His sister May owned the now-closed nail salon next door. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Retail space at 44 Avenue B hits the rental market

Photo by Stacie Joy 

This storefront at 44 Avenue B is now on the rental market ... the 1,800-square space between Third Street and Fourth Street has a monthly ask of $17,495, per the listing

The leasing marks the official end of Remix here, a clothing store selling a variety of streetwear, including brands like Doc Martens, Fred Perry and Izod. 

They opened in early 2020 and didn't have much time to get established before the PAUSE of March 2020... they eventually reopened, though the hours seemed sporadic.  

No. 44 was previously a laundromat.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Strings Ramen shutters on 2nd Avenue

Photos by Steven 

Strings Ramen has closed at 188 Second Ave. on the SE corner of 12th Street.

Last night was the grand finale for the Chicago-based ramen chainlet.
The sign for patrons states, in part: "Due to COVID, we have experienced extremely tough time for running the business... We are truly sorry and sad to see this happen." 

Strings, a regular on the best-of ramen lists in its home turf of Chicago, never had much of a chance here... opening in early February 2020, with about six weeks of business before the pandemic-era PAUSE of March 2020. (And it also doesn't help that the neighborhood has a lot of ramen options.)

As previously noted, the restaurants at 188 Second Ave. haven't fared well in recent years (at least since old-timer Shima got rent-hiked out of here in January 2014). Lumos Kitchen lasted three months in 2018. Others to make quick departures in the past five years were Hot Pot Central, DumplingGuo and Dumpling Go.

Thai Direct has closed on Avenue A

We're closing the book on Thai Direct at 131 Avenue A between St. Mark's Place and Ninth Street.

Management for Thai Direct announced on Instagram that the last day was March 27. (They also announced a closure in February due to a COVID-related rent dispute with the landlord only to reopen for what turned out to be another seven weeks.)

We still thought they might find a way to return. Now, though, someone has cleared out the space...
The quick-serve establishment, which billed itself as offering a healthy take on Thai street food, opened here in September 2018. It was a nice spot. 

Thanks to Steven for the photos

Updated 5/1

The for-rent sign is now on the storefront...

Monday, April 18, 2022

Closing day at Panya on Stuyvesant Street

Photos by Stacie Joy 

Panya, the Japanese bakery at 8 Stuyvesant St., closed for good on Saturday evening, marking the fourth and last of the businesses owned by Yoshida Restaurant Group to shut down here between Ninth Street and Third Avenue. 

Village Yokocho, Angel's Share and Sunrise Mart have shuttered in recent weeks. Cooper Union, which leases the buildings from their owners and had subleased them to the Yoshida Restaurant Group for more than 25 years, said it was the tenants' decision to move on. (This post has more background.)
EVG contributor Stacie Joy visited the bakery two and a half hours before closing. There were a few items left on the shelves... the kitchen was already closed...
The manager said that some employees had worked at Panya for years — several since they were young adults. One worker was seen crying.
Panya opened here in 1994. 

Like the other businesses in this corridor, they will be missed...

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Organic Grill's East Village location has closed ahead of move to new space on West 3rd Street

Photo by Stacie Joy

Organic Grill is now closed at 123 First Ave. between Seventh Street and St. Mark's Place. Sunday was its last day in service.

As we reported last week, the health-food restaurant with a vegan menu was opening a new outpost at 133 W. Third St. in Greenwich Village. Co-owner Vlad Grinberg had been planning on opening a second location... in the meantime, the building at 123 First Ave. changed hands twice during the pandemic. Organic Grill had until the end of the summer left on their lease, but the new landlord didn't want them to stay and negotiated for an early release from the lease. 

Organic Grill opened here in August 2000. Grinberg said he hopes to open somewhere else in the East Village. 

You can follow the OG Instagram account for updates on the West Third Street opening.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Inside the food-and-drink empire that included the now-shuttered Angel's Share and Sunrise Mart

Top photo by Steven last week 

Three longtime East Village businesses on Stuyvesant Street — Village Yokocho, Angel's Share and Sunrise Mart — recently closed ... and a fourth, Panya, will soon follow. 

The New York Times yesterday had the first (and very rare!) interview with the owner of the businesses — the Yoshida Restaurant Group. 
Over the past 50 years, Tadao Yoshida, known as Tony, the mystery mogul of the East Village, has built a food-and-drink empire that few of his generation can rival. It all started in the early 1970s with the humble vegetarian-friendly joint Dojo and has expanded to include, most recently, the sprawling Japan Village food court in Industry City, Brooklyn. 

Mr. Yoshida helped teach New York that it couldn't live without an authentic izakaya (something like a Japanese pub). And the cocktail revival of the aughts can be traced directly to Angel's Share. 

He also may very well be the man responsible for that ubiquitous ginger-carrot salad dressing found at every Japanese restaurant across America. 
As previously noted on EVG, Yoshida first opened the Ice Cream Connection on St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue in March 1970. Yoshida's Japanese-inspired vegetarian cuisine came along in 1974. 

In 1982, Dojo took over the space next door and expanded even more. Higher rents shuttered the East Village Dojo, with the West Third Street outpost continuing until 2018.

The Times also shares this anecdote about the Ice Cream Connection:
The East Village was dangerous then, and Mr. Yoshida was known to keep a long Japanese sword behind the ice cream counter for protection. A story goes that a young John Belushi, after seeing Mr. Yoshida chase away some troublemakers with the sword, was inspired to create his recurring samurai character on "Saturday Night Live."

 "People said that," Mr. Yoshida admitted. "I'm not sure. After the samurai sketch, people said, 'Tony, that’s you.'"
As for why these businesses have closed after 25-plus years here on Stuyvesant Street between Ninth Street and Third Avenue... a spokesperson for landlord Cooper Union told us (and other media outlets): "Unfortunately, the tenant informed us of their decision to vacate the property. They were not asked to move out, despite the fact that they haven't paid any rent since 2020."

Yoshida confirmed to the Times that the businesses had not paid any rent since April 2020. "In the pandemic, we could not do business, and I hoped they would give me some sort of break," he said. The Cooper Union spokesperson previously said: "The formula for calculating rent on these properties has been in place for some 30 years and has never been changed."

Also, as the Times piece references: "Cooper Union, which leases the buildings from their owners and had subleased them to Mr. Yoshida for decades."

Back in 2011, when Cooper Union and St. Mark's Bookshop were trying to hash out a new rental deal for the retail space for 29 Third Ave., WNYC reported that "Cooper Union doesn't actually own the building that holds the store, but leases it from a company called 29 Third Ave Corporation c/o Casabella Holdings, LLC."

So it's not clear what will happen with the two-level building that housed Village Yokocho, Angel's Share and the previously shuttered Sharaku. Cooper Union told us there's no new building planned on this site.

Meanwhile, Yoshida's lone business left here, Panya, will "continue for a month on a wholesale basis before it, too, closes," per the Times. Employees though, have told EVG readers that the bakery will close before the end of the month.

Houston Village Farm is closing on 1st Avenue

You may have noticed the recent arrival of the for-lease sign on Houston Village Farm's storefront on the SW corner of First Avenue and Fourth Street.

Management of the deli-market told EVG contributor Stacie Joy that they will close by June, likely sooner. The cause? Slow business, high rent.
While several like-minded businesses have opened in the neighborhood in recent months, this marks the third corner market to close on First Avenue during the pandemic era  ... joining the one on the SE corner of 10th Street and the SE corner of 12th Street.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

A last look at the now-closed East Village institution Sunrise Mart

Photos by Stacie Joy

After news broke last month that the four longtime businesses along Stuyvesant Street would shutter in the weeks ahead, EVG contributor Stacie Joy visited Sunrise Mart. This Japanese specialty store opened here on the second level at Third Avenue in 1995.

At the time, employees said they were closing but didn't have an exact date. Sunrise Mart closed after the business day on SundayVillage Yokocho and Angel's Share shut down on March 31. (Panya remains open for now.) 

The other three NYC locations of Sunrise Mart are still in business. 

A co-worker told me about Sunrise Mart right after it opened in 1995 at 4 Stuyvesant St. I recall walking into the lobby and facing an unmarked elevator. I thought I had stumbled into an employee entrance. Or maybe the Cooper Union dorm. The entry definitely had dorm vibes.

No, this was how you got up to Sunrise Mart. 
Then the doors opened up into a sprawling retail space with a tastefully cluttered vibe with shelves stocked with unique items ... let's take a last look...

Monday, April 4, 2022

Stuyvesant Street closings official: Angel's Share, Village Yokocho and Sunrise Mart are gone

The entry to Village Yokocho was lit up per usual here at 8 Stuyvesant St. on Friday night, giving the impression that the longtime Japanese restaurant was open as it has been for the past 25-plus years.

However, the door to the space Village Yokocho shares with Angel's Share, the speakeasy-style bar, upstairs was locked, and the second level was dark ... 
Village Yokocho and Angel's Share closed after service on Thursday night. This was expected as four popular businesses — including Panya and Sunrise Mart — along Stuyvesant Street between Ninth Street and Third Avenue were set to close either at the end of March or in April. 

There was word of a "rent dispute." According to a previous statement by landlord Cooper Union to EVG: "Unfortunately, the tenant informed us of their decision to vacate the property. They were not asked to move out, despite the fact that they haven't paid any rent since 2020." 

The timing for the end of service was murky, as the Yoshida Restaurant Group had not publically commented on potential closures or relocations for any of these businesses. Information to date in articles had come from bartenders/waitstaff/counter help. (New York Times correspondent Alex Vadukul was first to report on the pending closures in a series of tweets last month.)

Over the weekend, signage arrived confirming three of the closures (h/t Eden) ...
Panya, the bakery-cafe, remains open. Yesterday, a worker said they hoped to be here for the rest of the month.

Meanwhile, there's speculation that Angel's Share may turn up elsewhere; Village Yokocho would likely not. Sunrise Mart will not reopen elsewhere in the neighborhood — its three other NYC locations remain in service in Soho, Midtown and Brooklyn.

Early this past Thursday evening, a line formed for a last dinner and drinks at Village Yokocho and Angel's Share (following two photos by Steven) ...
There were several farewells on social media, including ...
No word on what might be next for these spaces. A Cooper Union rep told us previously that there wasn't any truth to a rumored new building here. 

This corridor has been called a micro-center of Japanese culture. Angel's Share opened here in 1994, with Panya arriving next door in the same year. Sunrise Mart debuted in 1995.