Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Pinky's Space now open on 1st Street

Pinky's Space is now up and running at 70 E. First St. just west of First Avenue.

Pinky's is serving a variety of quick-serve sandwiches on biscuits... as you can see from the menu on Pinky's website...

The to-go restaurant's Instagram account describes this as "French Southern fine dining cuisine out of the box and out of this world."

As previously noted, the Pinky's team is Wesley Wobles, a personal chef and cookbook author, and Mimi Blitz, who spent nearly two decades working for her mother's catering company and bakery in New Orleans.

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Pinky's Space bringing quick-serve food options to 1st Street


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many baby potatoes you get for five bucks?

JQ LLC said...

This place looks like it should be selling edible panties and ben wa balls. It reminds me of the pink pussycat boutique on 4th st.

sophocles said...

Wesley Wobles and Mimi Blitz? Biscuits? Is this real life? I went tonight. I presume I met Mr. Wobles. Friendly chap. You'd have to go out of your way not to talk to him. The beef au jus was served in a giant pink box, with a separate biscuit, and separate pickles with the orange shallot marmalade. It all tasted homemade. Delicious! Tomorrow I'm trying the sausage or turkey.