Sunday, January 21, 2018

Week in Grieview

[Photo at the Sunshine yesterday via Pinch]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

RIP Adela Fargas (Tuesday)

Veselka honored for its workplace practices with employees over the age of 50 (Wednesday)

Mudspot Café barista recalls terrifying missile attack false alarm in Hawaii (Friday)

Unique former 10th Street residence is now a nail salon (Wednesday)

MLK weekend at Middle Collegiate Church with Civil Rights icon Ruby Sales (Monday)

The latest installment of I Am a Rent-Stabilized Tenant (Friday)

You literally can't say this word now at the Continental (Wednesday)

Report: NYPD looking for suspects behind several East Village business break-ins (Tuesday)

A used book store opened this week on Bleecker and the Bowery (Friday)

'Candy Coated Evil' — live (Wednesday)

Le Sia opens on 7th Street (Thursday)

BarBacon looking to pig out now on 4th Avenue (Thursday)

Report: 186-188 First Ave. changes hands for $14-plus million (Wednesday)

The Joint (fka 99 Miles to Philly) has closed on 3rd Avenue (Tuesday)

Ricky's is closing on 3rd Avenue (Tuesday)

Ho Foods will start serving Taiwanese beef noodle soup on 7th Street (Thursday)

New Citi Bike docking station for Avenue A and 2nd Street (Wednesday)

A buffet for 1st Avenue (Tuesday)

... and spotted on the Bowery and Fourth Street today... repurposing a sign from yesterday's Women's March...

Hey! Hey!

Ho! Ho!

This penis party has got to go!!!

Thanks to EVG reader Sarah Perillo for the photo!


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