Monday, January 29, 2018

Meet Fresh debuts on Cooper Square

NYC's first Meet Fresh is now open on Cooper Square at Sixth Street.

While we don't have photographic evidence of this, an EVG reader reported a long line outside the popular Taiwanese dessert and tea chain on Saturday.

As previously noted, the company, now with 100 locations worldwide, was started by the Fu siblings. Here's their story via the Meet Fresh website:

Sister and Brother Fu grew up in a generational farming family in the Feng Yuan District of Taichung, Taiwan. Using traditional food materials and processes, they made chewy taro ball desserts, soft herbal jelly, and delicate traditional tofu pudding, as a continuation of traditional delicacies while integrating innovation!

Meet Fresh resides in the corner retail space of the 13-story dorm for Marymount Manhattan College students that opened in August 2015.

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Meet Fresh bringing teas and taro balls to Cooper Square


Gojira said...

It sounds very precious.

Anonymous said...

That description of their materials sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

Love the Dunkin touch. So inviting. Or is this a commentary on the gentrification of Cooper Square?

Walter said...

Seems to be a very popular spot for Asian people. Saw a very long line yesterday around lunch time. Personally, I categorically refuse to wait on line anywhere except when forced to at the airport or the DMV.

Anonymous said...

I live down the block and since this place opened, there have been considerable lines every day. Quiet, civil, orderly lines, which is so nice to see. Not unlike the Mighty Quinn BBQ a block away as well. Nice to have good neighbors.
But I have no plan to go into Fresh Meet just yet. Honestly...for a good Jewish kid from The Bronx, this place doesn't have great culinary appeal. But you never know. I have to try it because it just might be the greatest thing since chopped liver.