Friday, February 3, 2023

Why this East Village writer is on an apology tour

Photos and text by Stacie Joy 

I was able to catch up the other day with longtime East Village-based writer Majorie Ingall.

She and Susan McCarthy recently (Jan. 10) released a new non-fiction book, "Sorry, Sorry, Sorry: The Case for Good Apologies." (The book is a result of all the work they put into the website SorryWatch, which analyzes apologies in the news, history and culture.)

I was previously all set to see — and hear — Ingall speak at her book launch at P&T Knitwear on Orchard Street one evening last month, but she tested positive for COVID that day — and had to cancel.

Instead, I visited her (after she recovered!) at her East Village home as she crafted Sorry Sorry Sorry bracelets for winners of a book giveaway for Go Fug Yourself
You can read more about the book in these interviews at NPR (and here!). Ingall and McCarthy also break down the six (and a half) steps to great apologies right here.

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