Saturday, September 2, 2023

Saturday's opening shot

New work up on the Bowery Mural Wall at Houston... wheatpaste panels by Tomokazu Matsuyama... with piano accompaniment this morning via Kristopher Hull

Not sure at the moment if this is an officially commissioned work (probably: updated confirmed YES) via Goldman Properties. 

After the art kept getting bombed in the spring of 2022, Jessica Goldman Srebnick, co-chair of Goldman Properties and curator of this wall, put the space on hiatus. And the street took over in the interim. 

Updated 9/3
Someone quickly tagged the collage of murals...


Anonymous said...

Nice. Something organized and thoughtful and not the tasteless tagging that taken over

Anonymous said...

I heard the music band playing this morning by the mural and went over to take a look. From what I saw it appeared to be several preprinted posters that were glued to the wall rather than an actual painting worked on for several days by an artist like was done in the past there.

Anonymous said...

Great. Wheat paste looks better and is less work.

Anonymous said...

Actual artworks from a real artist.
Screw the graffiti vandals that need mommy's attention by trashing our visual senses with their infantile scribblings.

Anonymous said...

Some individuals who could not care less marked it up already with graffiti and it looks terrible now.