Friday, December 1, 2023

Breaking: The multipurpose courts at Tompkins Square Park are OPEN

After 1.5 months, the reconstruction of the multipurpose courts in Tompkins Square Park appears to be complete. 

Rather impressive, too, as the posted signage stated the work would occur between Oct. 16 and Dec. 1. (And today is Dec. 1, FYI.)

A reader shared this (and the photo!) from this corner of the Park along 10th and A: 
We saw the NW TSP court being unlocked this afternoon! 
Current park-goers: 
1 little kid soccer player 
1 kid skateboarder 
3 bench goers 
0 walking tracks
Aside from new asphalt (which is apparently skateboard friendly, per our TF sources), new amenities include a high-low fountain that kids and adults can use simultaneously, three new basketball backstops, and the 1939 World's Fair-style benches that people yelled at us because they aren't actually 1939 World's Fair-style benches. (Well, we were at the World's Fair in 1939, and the benches here are as we remember there.)

More on this later, obviously.


Liam R said...

>> (Well, we were at the World's Fair in 1939, and the benches here are as we remember there.)

EV Grieve never fails to make me smile.

Grieve said...

😀 Thanks, Liam!

Anon said...

Where TF is our walking track!?

2ndAvenueSilverPanther said...

What!?!? I complained and made fun of the proposed "walking track". In fact, I got reamed for suggesting they would be perfect for "blue-haired ladies", not folks in our hood. Since the track was apparently discarded, I'm exercising my right as an old East Villager to bitch about it's absence.

yetanothercommenter said...

I was against the walking track when I thought it was structural. If all they do now is paint a walking track then this renovation was a success. And Dec 1st!

It looks really good and is great for an athletic field. Will the skateboarders be allowed to bring their ramps back? I'm doubting that but we shall see.