Friday, January 5, 2024

2024 development watch: 280 E. Houston St.

The corridor along the westbound lane of Houston Street between Avenue A and Avenue B is a full-on construction zone as work continues to pick up at the 12-story residential in the foundation stages. 

Here's some of the background about the all-new 280 E. Houston St.:

In the fall of 2021, workers demolished the one-level strip of storefronts here (Dunkin'/Baskin-Robbins, Subway, China Town restaurant, etc.) adjacent to the 13-floor residential building formerly known as Red Square. 

In October 2022, as The Real Deal first reported, landlord Samy Mahfar and investors picked up the property from members of the Hirsch family for $36.8 million. Per TRD's report, "the Hirsch family obtained demolition permits and did enough foundation work to qualify the site for the 421a property tax abatement before it expired in June [2022]."

The site was originally going to yield a 6-story building. 

The new development will contain 224,809 square feet of space — for residential, commercial and community use. The residential portion will total 211,028 square feet for 157 apartments, per DOB records. The commercial section will feature 12,000 square feet while the community facility is 1,300 square feet.

We've heard from a few unhappy residents whose apartments on Second Street face the pit with the echo-y surround-sound noise.

The photo below is from July...
Stacie Joy took the below photo last October from 6 Avenue B...
The rendering lists a December 2024 completion date.


Neighbor said...

This one is making brisk progress. Looks like they will be above ground level very soon.

Anonymous said...

Walkway this way

Anonymous said...

I bet no Affordable units and don't tell me any new housing is good because it adds to the supply. That's not the case anymore.

Anonymous said...

A tax abatement—so we neighbors can pick up their share of infrastructure and city services enjoyed by their well-off tenants. Well at least they provide “community space”—1,300 sq feet out of 200,000…or .6 of one percent.