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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

[Updated] Lamia's Fish Market headed to SLA for a beer-wine license for 45 Avenue B

[45-47 Avenue B file photo]

A restaurant called Lamia's Fish Market is in the works for the long-vacant storefront at 45 Avenue B between Second Street and Third Street.

Lamia Funti, the applicant, appeared before CB3's SLA committee meeting back in April. The application was reportedly denied based in part on the history of the space. (The Lo-Down reported on this here.)

Media outlets have identified Funti as the co-owner of Le Souk on La Guardia Place along with her husband Marcus Jacobs. He was reportedly an owner of Le Souk at 47 Avenue B... Le Souk was a years-long thorn in the side of neighbors, as widely reported here ... and here ... and here ... and here.

In October 2009, the State Liquor Authority cancelled Le Souk's liquor license. (Read the SLA release here.)

According to a neighborhood block association member, Lamia's Fish Market has now applied directly to the New York State Liquor Authority for a beer-wine license. This application is one of many to be heard during an SLA board meeting today at their New York City office, 317 Lenox Ave. at 126th Street. (The block association rep didn't have an exact time for this applicant during the public meeting, only that it will be heard between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.)

The block association member provided a recap about the applicant(s).

The location is the former Le Souk space, and the principal/proprietor of this new establishment (Lamia Funti) is the wife of Marcus Andrews (formerly, Marcus Jacobs, one of the principals of the old Le Souk along with his brother Sam Jacobs). She is the manager of the current Le Souk, now located on LaGuardia Place in the Village, which Marcus owns. She is proposing a restaurant, not a club/lounge like the old Le Souk or the current business on Laguardia, with only a Beer/Wine license and a 12 am closing every night. This type of license would typically be approved by the SLA without question. However, this situation is unusual and merits special consideration by them.

Even though Ms. Funti was not officially involved with the old Le Souk on Avenue B, she is associated with the Jacob family and their other businesses. At the current Le Souk, which she manages, there have been online reports of fights (involving the owner), a stabbing, plus 311 calls and complaints. Given this background, many involved in the Block Association believe that, even on her own (much less because of her familial affiliations), she does not run the kind of business we want on Avenue B.

You can read CB3's lengthy Recommendation To Deny from the April meeting at the CB3 website here (PDF)

Updated 10/26

The SLA approved this applicant for a beer-wine license according to someone in attendance. More info as it becomes available.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Former Le Souk space 'needs a real restaurant operator'

Save for a few mysterious parties, Le Souk has been dead and gone now five years this October. (The State Liquor Authority terminated Le Souk's liquor license in October 2009.)

Since then, the space has been empty (much to the delight of neighbors) ... and on and off the market several times. We spotted a listing for the space at 47 Avenue B between East Fourth Street and East Third Street back in July 2011. The asking price then was $25K.

For rent signs arrived along this Avenue B corridor earlier in the summer. And now the listing has arrived on Craigslist. Let's check it out (Bolding via EVG):

This is a restaurant space that has an atrium in the back, the ansil/flute are in place. there is 6,627 square feet on two floors that could be divided for the right tenant. The asking rent is $331,350 per annum and $27,612.50 per month. This place needs a real restaurant operator. there was a liquor license at one time the new tenant would have to apply for a new one. Tenant will pay their proportionate share of real estate taxes as well as their own utilities which will include water, gas and electric. ownership would be willing to split up this site.

The photos at Craigslist are worth flipping through to admire the ancient ruins of Le Souk. Let's carbon date that disco ball.

Meanwhile, the former Max space at 51 Avenue B also remains on the market. Asking rent is $10,000 a month. This space has been vacant for 20 months.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rent the former Le Souk space for $25,000 a month

Back in late May, we noted that part of the former Le Souk space on Avenue B was on the market. Or maybe it was the whole space. We couldn't tell!

In any event, there is a listing for the the space.

Here's the description:

Rent: $25,000 Per Month Size: 6,480 Sf On Two Levels / 3,240 Sf On Each Former Restaurant / Nightclub Space. 32 Feet Of Frontage. Prime East Village Happening Location. Loaded With Egresses And Bathrooms. One-Of-Kind Interior Designs And Layout. Tons Of Day & Night Foot Traffic. Huge Skylight Exposed Wood Ceilings And Large Wide Open Areas. Prime Residential Neighborhood. *Perfect For Restaurant, Spa, Warehouse, Liquor Store, Hardware Store, Any Use Considered

Warehouse? Hardware store? Excuse us for a moment. (Haha!)

However holds the lease must promise to continue holding mysterious late-night parties and after-prom bashes...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is part of the former Le Souk spot on the market on Avenue B?

Workers have put up new "restaurant/store" for lease signs on two empty properties on Avenue B between Third Street and Fourth Street... We spotted signs at the former animal hospital...

...and at part of the former Le Souk empire a few doors to the south. (There were no signs at the main Le Souk entrance.)

NYCRS officials haven't posted the listings just yet, so we don't know yet if all (or any!) of the Le Souk complex is involved in the lease... If so, then it might mean the end to those mysterious late-night parties and after-prom bashes...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Buses, bouncers and a mysterious Avenue B party spot

For the second consecutive weekend, crowds have flocked to the space next door to, or on top of, the former Le Souk at 47 Avenue B. However, this time, it appears the gathering is far more organized.

There are some guys working the door...

...and there were three party buses full of party people...

A resident took these photos around 3 a.m. early Saturday. The resident noted: "It appears they show up by bus (many buses) and disappear into the doorway next to Le Souk for a few hours. Then, drunk, they filter out later on to the waiting buses. There are some chaperones or minders who herd them like silly teenage sheep. No idea what it's all about. I just know they are wicked loud and young."

A reader left this comment, which makes it look as if the party went on for two nights (or mornings):

There were 3 "party" buses on Ave B Sat night. When I called 311 at 3 am I was left in a never ending holding pattern. Then I hung up and called 911. The operator hung up on me. That's my city now. Endless suburbanite spawn in large groups shipped in on buses. Annoying transplants doing annoying things on my dime as they claim expression of themselves. I just want to know, is there no person in the town you were raised that misses you? It is a large country we live in, why do you all move here? It's not that great, and it's full.

The State Liquor Authority terminated Le Souk's liquor license in October 2009. While this all may not have anything to do with Le Souk, who has tried to hold parties at this space in the past, several people did sign on to Foursquare from 47 Avenue B on May 21.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Today in Le Souk resurrections

Despite a rather permanent closure, Avenue B's former hookah hotspot continues to put the fear in nearby residents.... from an advertised New Year's Eve bash ... to hosting loud parties... Now comes a listing on the Joonbug website....

"Come listen to the hottest Rock/Electro/Dance music from past and present. Party with all the beautiful people and enjoy the sweet tastes of HOOKAH!!"

Perhaps this listing is a mistake, and intended for Le Souk's LaGuardia Place location... or, well, I guess we'll see some beautiful people on Avenue B tomorrow night....

Friday, December 31, 2010

Last night outside Le Souk

There was another nice party coming from the bowels of the former Le Souk space early this morning on Avenue B....

The evening also included a few fistfights. Per a resident, the bouncers at Le Souk kept yelling "Take it down the block, folks, just don't do it here." The door seemed to open at 1 am, and close around 4 or 5.

Meanwhile, the oddsmakers now say chances for a New Year's Eve party here are 3/1.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[Updated] Rumors: SLA rescinds Le Souk's New Year's Eve plans for Avenue B

A tipster notes that the State Liquor Authority (SLA) has pulled the special permit for Le Souk to hold a New Year's Eve bash at their former Avenue B home.

We're awaiting confirmation from the SLA on this.

Previously on EV Grieve:
Le Souk is 'exceptionally back to its former location'

UPDATED: The folks at Le Souk said via Twitter that the party is still on.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Le Souk is 'exceptionally back to its former location'

Le Souk was open for something or another this past Thursday at its old Avenue B home ... noisy as ever... Meanwhile, here's more on their New Year's Eve bash...

This past weekend outside Le Souk

On Christmas night, several readers passed along word of another party at Le Souk on Avenue B... Also, the empty storefront between Le Souk and Max's, which used to be an animal hospital, has been filled with people, but only late at night, a reader reports. On Saturday night, they moved a bunch of furniture/trash out of the old space and onto the street ...some of it went into Le Souk and some upstairs into the residential building that houses both locations. Yesterday morning, much of the stuff remained lined up on the sidewalk...

And later...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Le Souk is back open and loud as ever

We know that Le Souk is throwing a New Year's Eve bash at their old space on Avenue B ... Perhaps the Le Soukers were giving the space a test run last night... As one resident said, "it was so loud tonight all night after, say 11 pm. Around 2:30 am, I finally got up to see what the problem was ... Surprise! Le Souk."


The State Liquor Authority terminated Le Souk's liquor license in October 2009.

Monday, December 20, 2010

WTF: 'Le Souk is back to Avenue B for New Years!'

A rather terrified Avenue B resident passes along this info about a New Year's Eve bash at the shuttered Le Souk...

The description mentions Le Souk's West Village location, but everything else points to Avenue B... where the restaurant/club lost its liquor license last year... Anyway, The Harem VIP Table Service Ticket is $250.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finest Pizza and Deli on Avenue B has closed

Finest Pizza and Deli on Avenue B and Fourth Street is now officially closed.

Despite cutting back their hours in recent months, business was apparently OK. According to a source, the owner abruptly closed up the shop on Sunday...a source says the store may reopen as another (no beer) deli. Meanwhile, the source says Abdul, who many people liked in the neighborhood, is out of a job (no warning, no severance) and is looking for something in sanitation.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Le Souk now a supply closet

Given the long, tumultuous history surrounding Le Souk, it's understandable that some Avenue B residents remain uneasy about the now-shuttered hotspot... it doesn't help that Le Souk still looks like a functioning restaurant at a quick glance.

Though the menu is from the summer 2008... Still, there was that private party on New Year's Eve.

However, take a look inside...

Or maybe this is the latest in nightlife trends: Party as if you're in a supply closet!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finest Pizza and Deli not closing because Le Souk went away

In recent months we've noticed that Finest Pizza & Deli on Avenue B at Fourth Street was no longer open 24 hours... A Curbed commenter wrote on this post yesterday:

"Because of La Souk being shut down, the bodega on Avenue B/4th street (next door) will not be renewing his lease. His profits are down $2000.00 a month since their closing. I liked it so much more when someone complained about the noise they were told to 'Shut Up'."

That's just not true. There has been a minor movement to show what a loss Le Souk's closing has been on the neighborhood... those comments like, "Le Souk made the LES upscale."

At the CB3/SLA meeting in October, a Le Souk proponent stood up and said: "the community was in shambles while Le Souk was closed." The argument focused on economics and the idea that this is not the time to shutter a club that brings much business to the neighborhood.

In any event, the Finest Pizza & Deli is NOT closing because Le Souk closed. Straight from an umimpeachable source:

Abdul reports that there just isn't the business necessary for them to stay open late. They will stay open until around midnight or so on normal nights and possibly a bit later on weekends or if it gets crowded. He stated that it has nothing to do with Le Souk's closing, that the business had been dying for a while.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is Le Souk still doing business on Avenue B?

Last fall, troubled hookah hotspot Le Souk closed after losing its liquor license in a long, contentious battle.

And this rather final sign greeted potential Le Soukers....

But, in recent weeks, that sign has disappeared. Meanwhile, all the usual Zagat/Time Out/accolades stuff remains in the front windows...along with a menu. (The photo below was taken on Sunday.) If you didn't know any better walking by, then you'd think the place might still be open. And maybe it is.

A trusted EV Grieve reader reported that Le Souk was open for business this past New Year's Eve. Said the reader:

"[I]t must have been hired out for a private party, because I understand they can't sell alcohol, but perhaps they can give it away? There were black-tie Secret-Service-looking bouncers out front too. It was just as loud as usual at 2 am ... but with fewer people, and all in much fancier dress. Not too surprising seeing as how it was NYE."

So far, we've been unsuccessful in tracking down anyone who may have been at this alleged soiree... Is this the first in a line of other private parties to use the Le Souk space?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Since Le Souk has closed...

So yeah, since nightlife hellhole Le Souk has moved on ... the doorways of the adjacent apartment buildings on Avenue B between Third Street and Fourth Street have been painted...




Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Readers respond to Le Souk's closure

[Image via Eater]

Several people left comments yesterday in response to Le Souk closing up on Avenue B. A sampling:

First Le souk has been on Ave B more than 8 yrs. (get your facts straight bro the club has been there since 1999)

This place has been closed by several parties (no pun intended).

1 The peeps who moved in years after Le Souk and several other biz wrestled the area away from the crime that kept these same people hiding in there safe hoods.

2 The Neo fascist LOCAL and NYC administration, that is more intent on trying to facilitate/negotiate mutli-billion dollar deals with construction developers than creating programs to help build and sustain small businesses.

This seems to me an amazing situation in the current economic climate. To crush any kinda business, let alone one that brings thousands of dollars a day to the local economy. Call me silly or irresponsible but it just seems like an absurd maneuver to me.


Why all the haters? This neighborhood was nothing before Le Souk arrived. You will regret your petty 311 calls and waa-waaing baby talk to the community board when the rats and drugheads take over. You will beg us to return. Guess we will be giving our money now to the good people on La Guardia Place, home of the Le Souk Harem. I hope they will appreciate all that Le Souk regulars have to offer a neighborhood.


If you don't want to live on a street or ave. that has businesses, perhaps moving out of the city would be best for you. The city is alive and people go out and night life abounds.


Forgive me if I'm wrong but isn't LeSouk a Mom & Pop shop that has been put out of business by people complaining everyday about the noise and their over crowding?
Are we mourning the loss or congratulating the NIMBYs who blocked them from doing business.


It's very arrogant to feel that just because someone wants to go out get really drunk and be loud and obnoxious that it's okay to be a disturbance to others and that residence ought to be "grateful" for you coming and bringing revenue into the neighborhood - because of course it was rat and drug infested before, right? And was "nothing" before you came spending your money, right? Unfortunately this is the mentality that is causing clubs and bars to experience difficulty when it comes to getting liquor licenses.


It's worth noting that -- neighbor complaints notwithstanding -- Le Souk's liquor license was terminated by the SLA because the club failed to operate in compliance with applicable laws, not because residents had issues with it. Surely the complaint history did not help, but this termination was about more than noise complaints, and it went through the court system.

For all of the talk about the negative impact on businesses, why did local business owners not show up en masse to speak on behalf of Le Souk at community board meetings, if this one particular club was truly that important? Closing Le Souk does not represent a fast track back to 1980. Countless nightlife spots in the East Village operate successfully as good neighbors and no one has less fun as a result.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Le Souk has really closed

On Friday, we heard that troubled hookah hotspot Le Souk had, indeed, closed after losing its liquor license.

I was curious if that was permanent. This sign now greets potential Le Soukers.

I asked Stacie, a resident who has lived nearby for a lot longer than the eight years that Le Souk has been around, for her take:

Yep -- it's closed. No dining, no drinking, no dancing, no parties. No bouncers, no crowds, no fights. No honking, no puking, no throbbing (music), no nothing.

With Le Souk's departure and the closure of Layaly, only one Hookah bar, the Horus Cafe, remains along the Avenue B corridor...