Sunday, August 2, 2009



Bowery Boogie said...

so it's pretty much closed every night for private parties.

Grieve said...

Oh, just Thursday, Friday and Saturdays through September.

I'd like to know the percentage of actual East Village residents who go there on a weekend night. I'm guessing the crowd is 95% from other places.

The bar may have the best intentions of keeping patrons quiet outside (the presence of six "voices travel" signs, for instance) but, in reality, of course, they can't do a thing about large groups of people fueled on keg service and free Jager shots emptying into the night in the neighborhood.

The more "private parties" they have for large groups of people, the more complaints/311 calls from the neighbors.

esquared said...

But where will I go on those nights for "clean taps, friendly service and young, attractive patrons, and a nice place where I can sit, relax and not feel pressured to spend mega amounts of money"?