Monday, August 17, 2009

New world order for Avenue C?

Just posting a, uh, post that I did for Curbed last week.

For sale signs went up [last] week at the Lower Manhattan Congregation Jehovah's Witness at 67 Avenue C near East 5th Street. According to the Massey Knakal listing for the property, the space "is ideal for a user, investor or developer and will be delivered vacant." Indeed; asking $2.2 million.


Anonymous said...

I shed no tears for this. I don't like to see gathering places for the community to vanish, but I also think the building -- which sits unused most days -- is an architectural eyesore, and a blank spot along an avenue filled with street-level retail.

ak said...

i'll shed tears for this. i enjoy getting my jehovah's witness pamphlets every week. where will i get them now? even more, i truly enjoy seeing families going into/out of the building. so, here i am, being sad that the jehovah's witnesses are moving out of the neighborhood.

plus, i really don't need more condos/shopping on this street. it's busy enough as is. there's tons of open store fronts elsewhere in the neighborhood - don't need to have another. though, if someone wanted to take this over as a community center or boys club or something similar - i could get down with that.